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Fresh Country Garden

Fresh Country Garden

Colourful, easily maintained gardens are probably the most sought-after and ideal garden. A place where you can relax in natural surroundings, enjoy entertaining friends and family and somewhere everyone can admire the beautiful plants and flowers.

Fresh Country Garden

Country gardens are generally not manicured, but rather wild-looking indigenous gardens with area specific plantation in addition to showing off elements of sentimental value, be it an old wonky wooden bench from childhood or old wooden window frames serving as a retainer or climber support. A quite rustic look-and-feel yet elegant garden with an array of colour is what a country garden is all about.

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Natural is the order of the day when it comes to country gardens. Pathways can be laid with bark or stones along flat areas in the garden or even terraced giving the garden an expansive look. This can be achieved no matter how big or small the garden really is. No country garden is complete without a vegetable and herb patch. This apportionment can be easily planted in amongst the indigenous plants or in a separate area which is fenced off with natural sticks or planted in pallets which in turn makes for beautiful hanging vegetables like runner beans or even strawberries. Once the vegetables and plants start growing and producing it is a very rewarding experience which should encourage you even more, and rendering you the envy of your friends and neighbours.

Fresh Country Garden

Many years ago country gardens originated amongst the lower income workers whose main objective was to feed and clothe their families with their meagre earnings. Anything in the garden that required a lot of maintenance was soon removed as it was not feasible to spend too much time and energy in the garden.

Consequently, the result of this way of thinking resulted in the beautiful overgrown look that is so sought after and adored Modern day country gardens tend to be on larger properties, but continue with the same elements as the original ‘’working man's’’ garden. With heavily grown flower beds, some form of rustic furniture or cracked pottery and crockery for decorative use in the garden everything is possible in the space available to you.

Fresh Country Garden

There are many informative articles as well as helpful attendees at your local nursery who can advise you as to which plants are ideal for sunny or shady spots and what plants are low maintenance or maintenance free and don’t need constant tendering. Once your garden is established invite friends over for a picnic in your garden, an afternoon tea-treat or a relaxed braai outside. You will be amazed at the feeling of satisfaction once you see the results of your effort. Gardening is rewarding and a country garden is the best and easiest to maintain and keep looking beautiful all year round.

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