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  • 8 Autumn Flowers For Autumn Gardens
    June 29, 2021

    8 Autumn Flowers For Autumn Gardens

    Many consider autumn the change between spring and winter, nothing more. Leaves begin to change colour and fall and plants lose their vibrancy as the nights become colder. However, the beauty of flowering plants and lush gardens need not end with the change of season. Here are 8 autumn flowering plants to enhance your garden keeping it bright and beautiful during the autumn season.
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  • Indoor Gardens of The World: 4 Most Beautiful Indoor Gardens
    July 20, 2020

    4 Most Beautiful Indoor Gardens of The World

    By now many of us have grown tired of being stuck indoors, so let's bring the outside inside with some beautiful indoor gardens! These giant greenhouses are scattered all across the globe, each boasting a unique style and a menagerie of flora. And while the decisions was tough, we managed to select 4 of the most beautiful indoor gardens from around the world:
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  • The Portofino Furniture Range
    June 26, 2020

    The Portofino Furniture Range

    The perfect setting when entertaining guests is key. The Portofino Furniture range is exactly what you need for a simple and stylish setting. Here, at Creative living, we offer a range of outdoor furniture styles suited to every occasion and every style. And like many of our products the Portofino range is offers maintenance that ensures a longer lifespan.
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  • Trees Are Life
    November 25, 2018

    Trees Are Life

    Spring is here The weather is warming up after the cold, dormant winter months and along with spring, we see new life. Nature shows this off in full force, especially in the way plants and trees begin to unfurl and...

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  • Fresh Country Garden
    October 17, 2016

    Fresh Country Garden

    Colourful, easily maintained gardens are probably the most sought-after and ideal garden. A place where you can relax in natural surroundings, enjoy entertaining friends and family and somewhere everyone can admire the beautiful plants and flowers. Country gardens are generally...

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  • Creating Relaxing Nook Using Hanging Chair
    April 15, 2016

    Creating Relaxing Nook Using Hanging Chair

    We all need a little place to escape the rush of daily life. What better place than a little nook in your own back garden. A place that you can go to to get away from it all to read a book, listen to music or just sit, relax and contemplate life.
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  • Happy Hammock Day
    July 22, 2013

    Happy Hammock Day

    As if we needed an excuse to lounge away an afternoon, today is National Hammock Day, so put the electronics away, grab your sunscreen, and allow yourself some quiet time in the fresh air. If you have a hammock waiting for you … why are you still here? If you don’t have one, here are a few recommendations to have you prepared for next year.

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