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Creating Relaxing Nook Using Hanging Chair

Creating Relaxing Nook Using Hanging Chair

We all need a little place to escape the rush of daily life. What better place than a little nook in your own back garden. A place that you can go to to get away from it all to read a book, listen to music or just sit, relax and contemplate life.

The Creative Living Daydreamer Hanging Chairs come in two styles and they come with a nifty hanging frame so there is no need for any major construction or to find the perfect tree to hang it in. They are available in two colours namely a brown weave or a white weave complete with matching cushions. The frame and hanging chair are easy to assemble and can be placed anywhere to create your secret escape haven, a perfect couples retreat for reading the Sunday papers or a talking point at your dining table.  

Creating Relaxing Nook Using Hanging Chair

Daydreamer Hanging Chair White

Hanging chairs fit perfectly into a courtyard scene where you can surround it by small potted trees or shrubs and scented creepers. Add a little table for storing a jug of your favourite refreshing juice or cocktail mix, a glass or two and your book. If you place a hanging chair or two onto the balcony overlooking the sea or your garden you can add a small screen or some scented creepers on a trellis to create additional privacy.  

Creating Relaxing Nook Using Hanging Chair

Daydreamer Hanging Chair Mix Brown

By placing your hanging chair under a tree in your garden you can create the perfect shady escape, use shrubs or an outdoor screen to create additional privacy. If you have add a fountain or water feature nearby this will create additional tranquillity for your little garden nook.

Hanging chairs are not just great for creating secluded isolated spaces but can also be included as a part of an outdoor dining set. It can be used at one or both ends of the table as head seats, definitely a talking point at dinner and an extremely trendy set up.

Wherever you decide to use your hanging chair we are sure that you will be very happy and extremely relaxed.

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