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Solar Light Buying Guide

Solar Light Buying Guide

Switch must be on when placing solar light in the sun.

Ensure that the black solar panel is facing upwards to the sun.

Solar light should be in full sun.

When the solar light is brought indoors to use during load shedding or as a table light when entertaining make sure that the switch remains on.

Should the solar light be brought indoors at anytime and it is placed in a cupboard or put back in the box for STORAGE please switch the switch off because the solar light has a sensor and the moment the surroundings are dark the light will come and remain on until it is placed in a light area.

This light should give the minimum of 8 hours light.

Please remember that if this light is placed near a flame or lightened area it will go off because of the sensor.

Please replace re-chargeable batteries after 1.5 years