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Furniture Cushion Buying Guide


All introductions only apply to CUSTOM MADE cushion, including lounger cushion, armchair cushion, seat cushion and back cushion.

When outfitting your patio, backyard, or sunroom with outdoor furniture, comfort is of the utmost importance. Cushions are an easy way to add a cozy element to outdoor seating. Outdoor cushions come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s difficult to know at a glance if the cushions you’re looking at will work on your furniture.

Finding the perfect outdoor cushions for your patio furniture can be challenging to say the least. Whether you’re looking for new chair cushions or want to replace your sofa and loveseat cushions, we carry a wide variety of shapes, colors and custom sizes to help make your search a little easier.

Wicker furniture style is unique. It is the type of outdoor furniture you expect to sink into on a day spent lounging in the sun. This makes finding the right cushions high priority. The outdoor cushions here are made to be inviting and super comfortable. These thick cushions are the epitome of comfort and flair. A wide variety of color and fabric choices will allow you to customize your outdoor living area in just the right way to suit your personal style. All cushions and covers come standard without tie straps

No matter what type of seating piece you have, be it a chaise lounge next to the pool, a glider or double glider on the porch, dining chairs, or even if you have a set comprised of a sofa and loveseat with a sitting chair or two, you’ll be able to find the cushions you need, at a price that is affordable.

  • Outstanding quality and comfort
  • All cushions have zippers
  • Made to order in the SA
  • Custom made to ensure a perfect fit

Custom Made Cushion

Custom Made Cushion 



All these fabrics are available in various colours, water & UV resistant and easy to clean.

    Custom Made Cushion



    How To Measure My Existing Cushions

    • Replacing your patio cushions is one of the easiest and most cost effective way to give your patio or deck an updated look. To measure your existing cushions simply follow these steps:
    • Lay your patio cushions down on a flat surface
    • Measure the length of the cushion from front to back of the outdoor cushion
    • Measure the width of the cushion from one side to the other. (Please note that you must take care when measuring the width and measure in three separate places, making note of the smallest measurement.)
    • Finally measure the thickness of the patio cushion.
    • Repeat these steps for each cushion that you would like to replace, taking care to note each measurement separately.

    Custom Cushion Measure 1

    How To Measure Furniture For New Patio Cushions

    • Patio furniture cushions are a definite must have to complete the look and feel of your outdoor living area. Perhaps you have purchased a patio set without cushions or maybe even your cushions are so worn that you may not trust their measurements any longer. Measuring your patio furniture will give you the exact size that you may need to purchase outdoor cushions. To accurately measure your furniture follow these steps:
    • Measure the width of the seat at the very front, from end to end. If your piece includes armrests, make sure to measure from the inside of one arm to the other.
    • Measure the width of the seat at the very back, from end to end.
    • Measure the width of the back of the chair itself (at the top) from end to end.
    • Measure the width of the back of the of chair (where the back meets the seat) from end to end.
    • Measure the depth of the seat front the front edge to where the seat meets the back.
    • Measure the height of the back (from the top of the back to where the back meets the seat). This will serve as your break point if you are interested in purchasing hinged cushions.
    • Add the measurements of the back height with the depth of the seat to get your overall height.
    • Repeat these steps for each furniture piece that you would like to order cushions for, taking care to note each measurement separately.

    Custom Cushion Deep

    Furniture Cushion Buying Guide

    I Have My Measurements – Now What?

    • Finally, once you’ve completed your measurements, you can move on to the fun part: deciding what color and pattern you want for your new cushions. With endless design options, you’re sure to create the cushions that fit your space and style.
    • If you’re inclined to change up the color scheme, choose solid cushions in a shade that will stand the test of time and trends.
    • Balance your new cushions with any patterns you already have in your space; for example, striped cushions might not be the best idea if your space already features bold floral motifs.
    • Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors or patterns when styling cushions. As long as you stick to two coordinating styles to avoid a busy look, mixing it up is fun!


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