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Furniture Buying Guide



Creative Living Furniture Buying Guide


Creative Living Furniture Buying Guide


Creative Living Furniture Buying Guide


Creative Living Furniture Buying Guide


Creative Living Furniture Buying Guide



The Creative Living range of furniture is manufactured, under ‘license’ for Creative Living (South Africa).

The SYNTHETIC WEAVE FIBRE selected for the CL range of furniture is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is extremely resilient to all types of extreme outdoor conditions, from blistering heat to freezing cold. The colour fasteners used in the CL synthetic weave fibre contains the highest level of UV inhibitors to ensure many years of original colour.

The RYSTIC TIMBERCARE WOOD type material used in the Seasons range of products. The coating that the factory put on is only suffecient to protect the furniture while still in the box. It is absolutely vital that new furniture are treated with at least 3 additional coats of wood sealer before being put outside. Rystix Timbercare is a well proven outdoor woodsealer available from most hardware stores. It provides excellent protection where furniture are left completely exposed to the elements.

The TEXTILENE type material used in the CL range of products contains a thin nylon core and is coated with a colour coded, weather resistant plastic. It is comfortable, hardwearing, colour fast, attractive and epitomises the modern advances in manmade material that is suitable for the outdoor environment.

The ALUMINIUM alloys used in the majority of the CL furniture frames are chosen for the strength, light weight, durability and versatility. All aluminium frames are further protected and colour chartered by powder coating. A process that requires raw colour pigments to be oven baked onto the frames at a minimum temperature of 225 ⁰.

The EDP STEEL used in in a limited number of the CL ranges, is treated for rust prevention through Electronic Deep Phoresis (EDP). A process similar to that used in the car industry for rust prevention and thus EDP provided more protection than traditional galvanising. All steel frames are further protected and colour chartered by powder coating. A process that requires raw colour pigments to be oven baked onto the frames at a minimum temperature of 225 ⁰.

The SYNTHETIC ECO-WOOD components of the CL furniture is a result of advanced scientific processes in the creation of a material that looks like wood, feels like wood and yet has none of the maintenance problems associated with wood. Eco-wood will not swell, crack or rot, is totally resistant to water, heat and pests. The material is environmentally friendly as it is made from sawdust (wood flour) and recycled plastic waste.

The GLASS used for the table tops is either 5mm or 8mm thick, depending on the application, and is hardened over 24 hours in special ovens. This process maximises the strength of the glass and ensures it is shatterproof.

The SPRAYSTONE granite finish on the glass table tops requires a complicated and chemically advanced process that is environmentally friendly. The effect is stunning and similar to that of solid quarried granite but without all the excavation, transport, cutting and polishing normally required for granite stone tops. Spraystone is exceptionally durable and can handle extreme weather conditions.

The OLEFIN FABRICS used for the CL range of cushions, whether smooth or textured, are manufactured from high quality solution dyed fabric. They are inordinately suitable for outdoor conditions as they are stain resistant, washable and provided with a two year anti-fade guarantee.



Normally clear water and a brush or cloth will remove normal climatic grime and dirt. If not, apply a solution of warm, mild soapy solution, scrub or rub until clean and rinse will with clean water. NEVER USE HARSH, ABRASIVE OR AMMONIA BASED CHEMICALS to clean furniture as this may result in damage to material surfaces and worst of all, any residue left on the furniture can act as an acid and start eating into the materials.

After the initial treatment, the frequency of additional treatments depends entirely upon the level of exposure to the elements that the furniture are subjected to. Furniture standing under a covered patio will require a lot less maintenance than furniture standing completely outside. The furniture weathers gradually and upon the signs of weathering, a maintenance coat must be applied.Failure to do so will let the furniture weather to a point where sanding the wood is required to restore its original look.

Most of Creative Living furniture cushions are double-stitched for strength, removable, water resistant, hand washable.



Creative Living warrants to the original purchaser and to any person to whom the product is given or sold during warranty with the original proof of purchase.

All products supplied by Creative Living are manufactured from new materials or in the case of hardwoods, original raw timber treated in approved factories, the General Warranty from date of purchase. Furthermore Creative Living warrants that the range of outdoor products it sells is free from abnormal defects in material and workmanship and is in good working order. The company does not warrant uninterrupted or error free use of its products.

For a period of one year. The products in our collections that have steel frames are made using heavy gauge tubing or wrought iron – hand crafted and expertly welded and ground for beauty and durability. All steel products are then dip-primed prior to painting, to provide a superior paint surface and to help inhibit rusting. Please note that in certain areas stainless steel will collect grime on its surface which may resemble rust. This is normal and does not invalidate any guarantees.

For a period of five year. Our aluminum collections also feature a heavy gauge re-enforced aluminum extrusion and solid castings. Aluminum afford the benefits of being rust-free as well as being light weight and easy to move.

For a period of one year. Our weave is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is extremely resilient to all types of extreme outdoor conditions, from blistering heat to freezing cold. When not in use, furniture covers should be used to protect your furniture.

Wicker directly under glass experiences accelerated aging. Care should be taken to ensure that glass is covered when not in use should you wish to prolong the life of your furniture. Furthermore, certain locations which have wrap around glass seem to redirect and reflect harmful UV rays onto the furniture thereby accelerating the aging process of the furniture and limiting their life span.

Fabric, cushions and accessories are warranted for a period of six months against defects in material and workmanship. Any cushion damage must be reported within 7 days of delivery. Please inspect cushion upon receipt.

Provided that such material is subjected to normal use in an indoor or outdoor environment and that maintenance as recommended by Creative Living is followed.

During the Warranty period, Creative Living will first attempt to diagnose or rectify faults or problems over the telephone, the internet or by fax, we suggest that first you send us images of the faults on email. Creative Living and/or its appointed employees and/or agents shall at their sole discretion decide whether the furniture is defective and whether warranty is valid. It shall be at the discretion of Creative Living to remedy any defect by adjusting, repairing or replacing the relevant product(s).

Limited warranty does not include: items purchased “as is”; freight damage; furniture damaged by acts of nature, vandalism, fire, abuse, lack of proper care and maintenance, or improper assembly; weave and fabric against fading or discoloration from exposure to elements, oils, spills, fluids or chemicals; table top against breakage; buckling or splitting of tubing resulting from exposure to water and freezing. Also excluded are: loss of use or time, inconvenience, money, travel structural failure due to rust or rusting on the general frame is expressly excluded from this limited warranty. Glass is not warrantied except for delivery, where any damage must be reported within 7 days of delivery.

The Purchaser’s sole remedy is the Warranty set forth above. Creative Living’s liability for the actual damages of any kind will be limited to the price paid for the product, its repair or replacement. This limitation of liability for actual damages does not apply to bodily injury or property damage for which Creative Living is held legally liable. In no event will Creative Living be liable for lost profits, incidental or consequential damages, even if advised of the said damages.

The statement of limited warranty is the exclusive warranty. All other express or implied warranties including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are excluded (except where said implied warranties are required by applicable law). No warranties either expressed or implied will apply after the expiration of the warranty period. The warranty is extended only in the event of the product having been purchased from Creative Living and Creative Living may, at its discretion, request proof of the purchase.

Creative Living reserves the right, in all cases, to issue a monetary credit for the original purchase price of the product in lieu of replacement.



You may be using your outdoor space for dining, lounging, conversation, entertaining, or sunbathing. Think about if you want to create different zones for these activities.

If you enjoy hosting large groups of friends and family, you will want to account for additional seating or invest in multipurpose pieces, such as patio ottomans or storage benches.

We can carry out minor weave repairs on most of the weave ranges. The Textilene fabric is replaceable on chairs and loungers. Foot-stoppers and glass bumpers are available as replacement hardware.

Frames are lightweight and in high wind conditions can be blown around causing weave to graze or snap and frames could be damaged. Custom- made PVC covers can be ordered to protect any furniture items.

Cushions are made from medium density foam and covered in weather resistant, fade resistant fabric. It is not recommended to leave cushions out in very wet conditions as moisture can penetrate through seams to the foam, which will rot. All covers are removable and washable.

Firstly, NEVER EVER clean the furniture with aggressive cleaning agents, especially those with Ammonia like Handy Andy. The chemicals in these kinds of cleaning agents have a bad affect on nearly all materials.

Especially if they are not washed off or removed completely and the hot sun bakes the chemicals into the furniture. Always use water or a very mild soapy solution.

Our Textilene range requires the least maintenance as it is manufactured from powder coated aluminium frames and the weave used is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), a synthetic rattan material that is extremely durable.

Again this depends on where the furniture is located and the type of materials. All our products carry a Warranty which differs depending on material type.

Yes, absolutely can leave them outside, all our products are manufactured for outdoor use. But anything left outside, totally exposed to the elements will need some kind of care and maintenance. The amount of maintenance will vary depending on what materials the furniture is made from and where the furniture is located. For example, furniture near the sea will require a lot more maintenance than furniture located inland.