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Wildflower Gardening: 10 South African Flowers to Get Started

South Africa is known for its amazing plant and flower diversity. So, if you’re growing a wildflower garden or are interested in wildflower gardening, you should consider South African flowers. Here are some of the most beautiful options!

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10 South African Flowers for Wildflower Gardening

  1. African Flame Lily

The African flame lily is one of the most stunning flowers with flame-shaped petals that have curly edges and fold backward beautifully. Colors range from yellow-green to red, they grow up to a meter, and they bloom in the summer.

African Flame Lily
  1. Devil’s Thorn

Also known as boot protector, this flower is quite common in South Africa and it blooms in the summer. The flowers are purple and they have long, hairy stems, as well as thorns shaped like small claws.

Devil’s Thorn
  1. Goat’s Foot

Also known as morning glory, this is another beautiful flower with vibrant purple hues. It has trailing stems that can grow up to a few feet and a deep root system.

Goat’s Foot
  1. Golden Cleome

The golden cleome is definitely an eye-catcher! The flowers are bright yellow with a purple base, and they have stamens that stick out like a couple of tusks. It’s a dainty flower that grows very easily.

Golden Cleome
  1. Barberton Daisy

This flower belongs to the Daisy family and it’s quite lovely. It features florets that are packed very closely and it often has irregular shapes, so every flower will be unique. Colors range from yellow, red, pink, and orange, and they bloom during the summer and spring.

Barberton Daisy
  1. Gazania

The Gazania flower is very similar to daisies and they bloom during the spring. They have dark green leaves that can grow up to 50 mm long and their petals are gorgeous. They’re yellow with a pink stripe in the middle and a dark base.

  1. Pride of de Kaap

Pride of de Kaap is another wonderful South African flower. The colors can vary from salmon pink and orange to yellow and white. The petals are rounded and can grow up to 40 mm in length. They’re very easy to grow and beautiful!

Pride of de Kaap
  1. Wild Foxglove

The wild foxglove is a stunning flower that grows straight and tall. The leaves are a bit toothy and the flowers have an elongated cone shape, making quite the dramatic impression. The color can vary from light pink to white.

Wild Foxglove
  1. Wild Verbena

The wild verbena plant has small flowers that make a big impression. The flowers grow up to 30 mm and they’re shaped like a globe. The color can be a light to dark blue and the stems are quite hairy.

Wild Verbena
  1. Yellow Arum Lily

Lastly, we have the yellow arum lily, another lovely plant to welcome into your garden. The leaves are shaped like an arrow and the flowers have a funnel shape. They’re yellow and have a dark purple marking on the inside base.

Yellow Arum Lily

These are only a few of the most beautiful South African flowers for your wildflower garden. You’ll be happy no matter which one you choose to get started!

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