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Unwind In Your Favourite Swing Chair

Unwind In Your Favourite Swing Chair

Unwinding after a long day at the office in a swing chair, glass of chilled wine in one hand and in the other a good book - there’s just something comfortably nostalgic about it. Equally, there are a few pleasures as rare and enjoyable as those ‘stolen’ hours swinging to and fro in the summer sun with a good book…

Perhaps it’s the to and fro motion, the sense of free movement or just the yoga like body posture one can assume when curled up in your favoured chair.

Swing chairs have evolved substantially over the years, from wooden poles requiring treatment every so often against the outdoor elements, to steel powder-coated frames with electronic deep-phoresis which makes them more resilient to the great outdoors.

Electronic deep what? According to Creative Livings lead buyer, “That’s the technical term for the phenomenally weather resistant coating that aids the appearance of many of the newer models of Swing Chairs on offer. EDP bonds the colour pigment to the metal at temperatures around 225 degrees Celsius – a process used most frequently in the motor vehicle industry”.

Unwind In Your Favourite Swing Chair

Strolling through the Creative Living showrooms either in Cape Town or Johannesburg, you will find that we are a leading importer of swing chairs and seats. This is also the best starting point in finding a wide variety of the latest models of swing chairs for all outdoor areas, whether your outdoor area is a modern, classic or contemporary design.

Among the vast range single-seater swing chairs, two-seaters and even a three-seater swings are to be found. Dependant on what you requirements are there is most definitely a swing chair that will allow you to experience a relaxing space in your outdoor area with your family or for some precious alone-time.

Unwind In Your Favourite Swing Chair

Our swing chairs will easily be integrated with other outdoor furniture by customising it with cushions of various colours & designs.

Creative Living offer an added ‘bonus’ with our range of swing chairs. A one-year warranty on the weave as well as the frame and 6 month warranty on the cushions.

No matter what, there is always space in every garden for a swing chair whether you're cherishing childhood memories or creating new ones too.

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