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Turn Your Backyard Into a "Family Park"

Turn Your Backyard Into a "Family Park"

In summertime, I find that a house is always the happiest when it is full of friends and family, who always seem to migrate to the backyard. If you want to really enjoy your kids, it’s hard to do it when they’re in front of a video game or an iPad.

The real summer memories are created at your own home together while having FUN! If you want to have fun, you need to make your house fun for your kids and you. There are a gazillion things you can add to your home for toddlers to teens that will keep them home and spending time with you and staying active is just another plus. Hmm. 


Turn Your Backyard Into a "Family Park"

Just Add Water!

No pool? No problem! Water slides are just the beginning. There are amazing items for your backyard that will have it feeling like an amusement park by adding water. These are great for parties, too.

Turn Your Backyard Into a "Family Park"


Trampolines come in many shapes in sizes from the mini sized to the Oh My Goodness! size..Kids love these and I have news for you, adults do too. Nothing gets a party going like a good trampoline!

Playhouses Galore

When I was a kid, we had a tree house. Nowadays, playhouses are amazing and affordable. This is definitely the best way to keep your kids amused for hours. It feels like a park only better. My kids adore theirs and I know we will get a ton of use out of it.

A Few Extras!

Turn Your Backyard Into a "Family Park"

Sand boxes, chair hammocks and zip lines are a few items really trending in decked out kids spaces lately! The sky is the limit, it’s all up to you on how much you indulge. If your family has older kids, ping pong, croquet, volleyball and corn tosses are also a lot of fun. Remember, you and your family have all winter to stay inside and play video games. Now is the time to take the family fun outside and create your own personal park!

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