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The Swing Chair

The Swing Chair

 Swing chairs are fast becoming popular items to have as part of indoor or outdoor décor. They not only look super cool but have a range of health benefits and are the perfect spot for some quiet relaxation time.

 Hanging Chair

Benefits of a Swing Chair

Swing chairs are so much more than just cool décor items - research has shown that they also offer a host of health benefits. Studies have indicated that the swing chairs ability to offer comfort, support, near weightlessness, and gentle swaying actually calms the nervous system and therefor reduces physical stress, induces a state of relaxation, and can be helpful for people with Sensory Integration Disorders. The motion of swinging also helps stimulate the cerebral cortex which increases the ability to concentrate and increases the rate of flow within the Lymphatic System. Swing chairs also offer help with regards to balance by exercising the eyes and creating movement of the fluid in the inner ear.

Studies have shown that swing chairs hold just as many benefits for children right from birth:
- Swinging is an excellent exercise for your baby’s eyes as the movement allows depth of focus to keep changing, training your baby’s eyes to focus better.
- Children with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome learn better whilst swinging, may have less anxiety, improved behaviour, and greater ability to focus.
- Sensory Integration therapy makes use of swinging to improve balance and sense of touch as well as awareness of body position.
- Allowing your child to swing whilst they learn has shown to improve concentration and be helpful with the retention of information.

Placing your Swing Chair

One of the great things about a swing chair is that it can be placed anywhere your heart desires! They’re easy to move and the right size to fit most indoor and outdoor spaces. Placing your swing chair outside in the garden, on your patio, or even on your balcony, not only offers a beautiful and relaxing view but can also offer your daily dose of vitamin D. When deciding where to place your swing chair, look around and assess what you would want– do you want to hide out in the garden surrounded by lush green or would you prefer to be on the patio, able to admire the garden from a distance and perhaps avoiding too much sun exposure? If your chair is on a balcony, which angle would offer you the best view of your surroundings? Perhaps you’d want to place your chair in such a way that you could watch the sunrise whilst sipping your coffee, or the sunset whilst sipping a cocktail. With a swing chair, the options are nearly limitless and the choices are all yours.

Hanging Chair

A Place to rest while enjoying your garden

Nothing is quite as relaxing as a swing chair in the garden. The fact that swing chairs are not imposing means you can place them in your garden without them being an eyesore or overshadowing your plants and trees. There are some great ideas out there on how to make the most of your swing chair in your garden, such as placing one under a tree, or placing a few around a fire pit for those night-time socials. The benefit of having your swing chair in the garden actually builds on the above mentioned benefits to your health, making it the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy.

So whilst swing chairs may be a décor item which can complement almost any home (thanks to the multitude of designs and colours), they also offer so many other benefits - it makes one wonder why we use “normal” chairs at all! In fact, why not take a look at our stunning range of swing chairs and start reaping the rewards right now – click here.

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