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The Perfect Recipe For Al Fresco Dining

The Perfect Recipe For Al Fresco Dining

The term “Al fresco dining” can mean just about anything. It could be going to a wine farm, starting with wine tasting and then having lunch in the vineyards. Al fresco dining could mean going to your favourite restaurant and choosing to be seated in their outside area rather than at an inside table. It could be going to the national botanical gardens, whipping out a blanket and opening up a wrapped up sarmie and a bottle of wine. Al fresco dining is a very broad term that encompasses any meal at any time of the day, be it a morning tea or snacks watching the sun set or dinner under the moon light – there are so many ways to define it. One common trend is that it is outside and entails eating of some form.


Al fresco dining is a phrase borrowed from the Italians meaning “in the cool ”, although interestingly enough, Italians do not use this phrase locally to refer to outdoor dining as its direct meaning is spending time in jail. The Italians use the phrase fuori or all’aperto to refer to dining outside.

Rather than get in your car and travel far and wide, you could create the perfect outdoor dining dream right at home. Doing something in your own space can be fun, cost effective and very rewarding. And once you have set up the perfect recipe, you can do it over and over again.

Below is a great, well tested recipe for a fantastic outdoor dining experience.


  • A Garden, patio or enclosed outdoor space,
  • A tree, if one is not readily available, a shade sail may help you out here,
  • A dash of sunshine (rain could cause mild discomfort),
  • A suitable dining set – this is a challenging ingredient as this will set the tone for the outdoor experience – one needs to be found that is comfortable, sturdy, weather resistant, light and is visually appealing. The Blanco 8 seater set or the Winchester 6 seater set from Creative Living would be the perfect fit. It will ensure the perfect tone is set.
  • A suitable menu depending on the time of day and desired meal (or you could just wing it and order take out or have a braai),
  • Beer and Wine (a must) and juice for those that like to keep it clean,
  • Cocktails (preferably bright and colourful to improve the mood) to lighten the mood,
  • Suitable eating utensils (this is fairly important when serving and eating the food),
  • Yourself,
  • Your loved ones or friends or both (preferably ones that get along).

Outdoor Party


  • A fire (to cook your meat if so desired or to simply stare at),
  • Sun Screen (should you wish not to toast yourself),
  • Light and comfy clothing,
  • A hat.


Blanco Dining Set

  • Set up the perfectly chosen Blanco set in the patio area under the shade sail on a typical sunny South African day.
  • Prepare your chosen menu (or ensure the contact number of the takeaway is on speed dial).
  • Chill the beer and wine.
  • Mix up some gorgeous looking cocktails.
  • Set the table.
  • Welcome Family and friends with a big smile.
  • Enjoy.

Outdoor Dining

The recipe can be changed depending on how you want your experience to be. Take a look at what Creative Living has to offer to ensure that your recipe is the perfect mix.

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