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Personalising Outdoor Entertainment Area

Personalising Outdoor Entertainment Area

We all crave our own unique individual space where we can either relax, or entertain family and friends. Outdoor entertainment areas are starting to become just that. We are beginning to move out of our lounges and dining rooms by investing in high quality outdoor furniture.

However, “Dull décor” has become a thing of the past. We are now opting to personalize our entertainment areas with different colours, hues and tints. Creative Living provides you with aesthetically pleasing selections of scatter cushions, weather resistant rugs and amazing solar lighting options to transform any outside area into your very own personal master piece.


Creative Living has a wide selection of geometric rugs that will compliment any outdoor (or indoor) decorative scheme. Rugs do more than just add colour, they can be used to enhance the atmosphere of your entertainment area. If your area is large enough, consider using more than one rug to create the feeling of different, spaces such as a dining or relaxation area.


Cushions make a statement. You can decorate with just one main colour and later bring in different shades, hues and tints or you could be bold and daring and play with different patterns and colours (especially if your outdoor furniture is neutral). Outdoor cushions are designed to add comfort to your outdoor furniture and to bring that extra uniqueness to your entertainment area. Another benefit to neutral colour furnishings is the ability to decorate by following seasonal trends.

Personalising Outdoor Entertainment Area


The correct lighting can enhance any space, creating the perfect ambience. Transform your outside area into a magical place of relaxation and tranquility long after the sun has set. Creative Living has a beautiful selection of solar lighting available which are easy to install needing only full sun to charge during the day.

Personalising Outdoor Entertainment Area

The different colours, patterns and lighting options available from Creative Living is what ultimately makes outdoor decorating fun. It’s like accessorizing an outfit, it can be a subtle statement or a real show-stopper.


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