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Outdoor Winter Wonderland

Outdoor Winter Wonderland

The phrase Winter Wonderland conjures up images of roaring fires, thick blankets, lazy afternoons in front of the fireplace and of course the obligatory robust red wine or hot chocolate.

Outdoor Winter Wonderland

True to South African style, we are an adventurous bunch, which means that neither rain nor sleet will keep us from having a healthy dose of fun whether indoors or out.

Cold outside? No problem. There is a wide range of patio or outside heaters which can be purchased, or rented for an event. Popular party decor in the winter months is to spray-paint twigs found outside in the garden and place them in vases or to hang copious amounts of white material around the entertainment area to give the illusion of snow.

Many Capetonians will also cherish fond childhood memories of trailing the wet park grass for “tok-tokkies” or perhaps even harvesting those delicious pine nuts from exposed cones lying about – if of course the squirrels didn’t get to them first. An epic journey with friends and family to the nearest park in the depths of winter will reveal a treasure trove of little twigs, pinecones and all sorts of wooden wonders to be painted and detailed while sitting beside the open fire or heater for warmth.

Most modern homes don’t enjoy the comfort of built-in fireplaces in the lounge area any longer – that however doesn’t mean you can’t stay warm and cosy indoors or, for that matter, outdoors. The ever popular patio heater offers you warmth and comfort while experiencing a natural winter wonderland…

Outdoor Winter Wonderland

Organising an outdoor event and/or party can still be as exciting and enjoyable even in the winter months with portable heaters strategically placed, snugly blankets for the guests to cuddle up in and a few roaring fire-baskets dotted within the area will make the event memorable one indeed. Lest we forget the wine, sherry or hot drinks to warm you up from the inside, the portable patio heaters will keep you warm.

Some charming ideas for the winter outdoor events are to incorporate flora found in just about every garden... Beautiful centre pieces of sticks spray-painted white, fairy lights strung up to make it cosy and look warm and to bring in some of the beautiful outside ambiance to enhance your winter fun making it a sparkling affair.

Patio heaters soon become the Centre Point of assemblage, so add a small table with the drinks alongside the heater to accentuate the source of heat.

The stand-up heaters are ones for great investment as they are very economical to run (gas) and offer great value for money. Imagine several outdoor seats, a few throw-cushion as well as a few cosy blankets to keep the guest all snuggled up and warm.

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