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Outdoor Trends 2019

Outdoor Trends 2019

As a new year kicks off so do the trends - with the Pantone colour of the year and plenty of advice on what is making waves this season. Outdoor living is no exception as we see a continued shift in attitude towards outdoor spaces. The distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces continues to grow blurry as “indoor-only” materials make their way into the garden and onto the patio, bringing with it the luxury that was once only afforded to indoor designs. As your outdoor living area becomes an extension of your indoor space, let’s have a look at some of the biggest trends this year.


Whilst the outdoors has usually been a space for simple, functional furniture, we see the trend in outdoor comfort reaching a peak in 2019. Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor living space, with soft couches, mood lighting and textured accessories. You want a space that oozes comfort, a spot where you can kick back and soak in the day without getting cramps from hard, uncomfortable chairs and rigid tables. You want an indoor lounge but in your garden – cosy, luxurious and comforting.

outdoor comfort

2019 sees neutrals making big waves; an array of earthy tones in natural materials that are almost made to blend with the outdoor environment. Think muted tones of grey, white, green, yellow and brown with pops of colour thrown in, perhaps as a set of cushions, or a carpet, maybe even a lamp. Big accent colours this year are green and blue.

Modern Meets Vintage

This year brings a blend of vintage and contemporary outdoor furniture. You’ll see modern low-slung sofas (all the rage right now!) next to a cherished old coffee table, or perhaps a reclaimed wooden barrel, some memorabilia from days gone by. This mix of modern and vintage is the perfect blend of styles, keeping your space contemporary but with a twist of the personal and unique.

Modern Meets Vintage


This season is big on texture; mixing stonework with wood and rope or lightweight powder-coated aluminium with wicker. Where the tones are natural and muted, the interest is introduced through textures and pops of colour. The texture trend not only goes for furniture but for the actual build of your outdoor space – think outdoor kitchens in wood , masonry, and marble.

Garden Furniture 

Blend with Nature

Whilst trends bring the indoor design outside, the outside design is being entangled directly with nature. Think checker-board style grass and stone floors or walkways entangled with shrubs and flowers, or herb gardens and cascading ferns right on your patio. Creeping nature up and into your outdoor space creates even more of a synergy between areas, creating a visually pleasing flow and adding some of the beautiful greenery right into your living space.

Blend with Nature Outdoor Furniture

If you’re thinking of giving your outdoor space an update, then these are the top design tips to keep in mind. We also had a sneaky peak at the Pantone colour of the year to see which hot hue is making waves. If you fancy yourself a trendsetter then this year’s official colour is “Living Coral”. Happy decorating!

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