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Outdoor Lighting is Important

Outdoor Lighting is Important

It’s nearly springtime! This means that the warmer weather and longer nights are starting to float in allowing for more time to enjoy the outdoors. Spring and summer in South Africa are a time for hiking, nature walks, casual coffees on the stoep, evening picnics, and of course the famous braai.

With more outdoor entertaining opportunities comes the time to dust off our outdoor spaces, update, rearrange, and perhaps add some new pieces. One of the most important features for outdoor entertaining is outdoor lighting. Whether it be lanterns, hanging lights, garden lights, or even creative lighting which doubles as art, having your outdoor lighting sorted is important. No one likes to stumble around in the dark and outdoor lighting adds to the ambience as well as providing functionality.

At Creative Living we offer a range of outdoor lighting, with most of our products in the solar category. Solar lights not only save you money but are also a great way to ‘go green’ and ease up on electricity use.

Here are a few of our stylish lighting options:


These not only give you light but also work as beautiful décor pieces. Our lanterns use three 1.5V AA batteries and come in either black or white metal. We also offer a hanging lantern – the Shepard Hanging solar light. This beautiful light offers the feel of a simpler time and can be placed anywhere in your garden. These lights also come on automatically as it gets darker outside.


Light Art

If you feel like adding more than just your ordinary lighting then we offer two stunning pieces. The Solar Light Tablecube functions as a table and a light all in one! It has three dimmable settings and requires just 30 minutes of sun in order to work.

We also offer the Amalfi E. Saving solar light and the Lorena Basket Weave light, both of which offer themselves as art pieces as well as lights.

Lorena Basket Weave light


If you’re looking for more functional pieces which perhaps blend in to the garden then our solar spotlights and tube lights are the perfect fit. They are inconspicuous and come in a stylish silver stainless steel with a spike which makes it easy to install in any area of your garden. Both these lights switch on automatically when the sun sets, making it a lot less work for you!


A little Something More

If you’re looking for something super functional and a little techy then take a look at our Solar Light Padlight. This awesome little gadget not only provides light but also includes a USB charge cable perfect for charging your phone. The light itself has three dimmable settings.

Solar Light Padlight

There you have it, some stylish and interesting lighting options for your outdoor space. We can’t wait to share our excitement for the warmer months with you. Happy Spring!

For outdoor lighting inspiration on a global level, see these 20 stunning light festivals.

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