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Outdoor Daybeds

Nothing says luxury and relaxation quite like an outdoor daybed. Picture warm, lazy afternoons - a good book in one hand, a drink in the other; you’re surrounded by grass and trees, the soft breeze in your hair, and your trusty pet lazing at your feet. Feeling relaxed yet? There’s a lot to be said for a simple yet elegant outdoor daybed to create that perfect sense of relaxation. 

Teardrop Daybed

Outdoor Style

There is a definite appeal to the outdoors. Most of us feel recharged after an afternoon in the fresh air with our bare feet in the grass. What we need is the perfect outdoor furniture to create the space we need to recharge. Luckily, outdoor furniture has become more durable without any compromise on style and in the warmer months, you can swap out your indoor nook for a comfortable outdoor daybed where the sun and greenery can awaken your soul. Daybeds are the perfect outdoor furniture pieces which are not only comfortable and attractive but utterly irresistible.

Lido Daybed

Our outdoor daybeds are framed with durable powder-coated aluminium and filled out with handmade 100% synthetic wicker. We’ve made sure our outdoor daybeds will stand up against the elements – with UV and water resistance - so not only can you reconnect with nature but also relax in knowing that your outdoor furniture will stand the test of the elements.  

Palam Daybed

Celebrating the Outdoors

With spring and summer on the way, it’s time to get into your garden. Bright flowers and lush greenery start appearing and making your garden a sanctuary is a must. Our daybeds boast a beautiful range of colours and styles to suit any garden, whether small and dainty, or a sprawling estate. Finding the perfect daybed to suit your spot is easy with such a vast range – choose from light greys, charcoal, beige and rich brown, or even a pure white with lush green cushion set to compliment the greens of nature. Even better is that all the cushions are water and mould resistant, meaning no more hassles carrying everything indoors should it rain. Now all that is left is to choose the perfect post for your outdoor daybed and enjoy the warm summer sun as it rolls in. 

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