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Lightweight Sleeping During An Overnight Hike

Lightweight Sleeping During An Overnight Hike

Hiking is firm favourite worldwide, and it is no different in South Africa. Our beautiful rocky and mountainous landscape and awesome climate offer two really good reasons why our country is a fantastic hiking location.

There are many top hiking locations country wide that offer great challenges, and everywhere you go there is something unique and different. A wonderful way to break away and fully appreciate nature at its best is an overnight hiking adventure, where in some cases spontaneous camp set ups take place at the edge of a river, on a plateau or even in a cave if one is available. One cannot deny however, that camping is bulky and finding an effective comfortable sleeping arrangement is tricky.

Lightweight Sleeping Durning An Overnight Hike

Overnight hiking is very popular in South Africa wherever there is mountainous terrain, offering the perfect setting for such an adventure. Various options are available depending on the route that you intend to take, from a 2 day 1 night hike to a long and intricate 5 day and 4 night hike. There are however challenges that overnight hiking comes with, one very pertinent challenge is packing lightly and effectively as everything needed must fit into a compact backpack. With most essentials this can be very straight forward, but when it comes to sleeping arrangements, things start getting a bit bulky. A good night’s rest is essential after a full day of hiking, as well as to recoup energy reserves for the next day’s activities.

In the past the most popular and compact way of overcoming this challenge was the use of a foam roll up mattress, which offers some padding but isn’t really great and even though it rolls up its still a bulky solution.

At Creative Living we have a smart and effective way of overcoming the bulkiness of the older solutions that is easy to use, compact and very importantly, comfortable.

The Fast Inflatable Air Lounge Bed offers wonderful features that make it a highly desirable item for overnight hiking: 

Lightweight Sleeping Durning An Overnight Hike

  • It is portable.
  • It serves and a comfortable lounger, seat, sofa or bed.
  • It inflates in less than 60 seconds with no pump required – this is great when your body is aching from a full day of working up a sweat.
  • It is very comfortable, waterproof, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It weighs only 1kg – designed so you can take it to anywhere, anytime.
  • Folds into its own carry bag.
  • Ideal for the 3 -5 day hike as it will slip into your back pack without you even realising it is there.

There are 4 easy steps to getting your bed ready:

Lightweight Sleeping Durning An Overnight Hike

Comfortable sleeping is a must when you are exerting yourself all day long, it is not necessary to struggle with finding a lightweight solution to add to your backpack. Visit our website to read more about the Fast Inflatable Air Lounge Bed in preparation for your next hiking trip.

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