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Lighten Up!

Lighten Up!

Decorating your home with outdoor lighting is just as valuable to your security as it is to your home’s curb appeal, and it’s a simple way to achieve both. Strategically placed outdoor lighting makes your home look warm and inviting to guests and too illuminated for trespassers who prefer to lurk in the shadows.

Lighten Up

There are a ton of lighting fixtures available in different designs and styles. By illuminating your exterior you vastly improve the overall look of your home. Think about homes in expensive neighborhoods – they always have beautiful outdoor lighting. But you don’t have to spend a fortune (unless you want to) to get a similar look. Read on for a few ideas to guide you through the world of outdoor lighting.

Lighten Up

Getting the Look

Outdoor lighting can help you accentuate the exterior design of your home. Exterior lights contribute to the overall design and impression of your home. It also creates a fantastic look to all of your outdoor fixtures, decor and landscaping by creating additional appeal to everything it illuminates. The bottom line is they just make everything look BETTER!


A well lit home is less likely to be approached by suspicious people. It is a huge help to keep thieves from attempting a break-in. An outside light will definitely make your home a safer place. I always suggest keeping the lights at your door and garage very bright. You can also put them on a timer so they stay on all night and go off at sunrise.

Where to start?

Your front door should be well lit and look pretty. You can find everything from super modern to very country styles all in a variety of finishes. Brass, chrome, black or white, there is no end to the choices. Path lights are also very popular, but usually require installation unless you go solar, which is great too. Patio lights and post lighting is really pretty when done right. Personally, I like a very well lit home. It’s all up to you. Motion sensor lighting is great for entryways and driveways.

Etc. Lighting!

For more festive lighting, don’t forget about outdoor chandeliers! I love this trend and it’s booming with variety. For parties when you want a festive look, you can’t go wrong with string lights. And lastly, warm light from a fire pit or outdoor fireplace simply cannot be beat.

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