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How to Set Up an Outdoor Bar Area

How to Set Up an Outdoor Bar Area

Outdoor bar areas are perfect for entertaining or spending relaxing evenings outside while you unwind with a drink. If you have an outdoor bar and you haven’t set it up, this is your sign! Today, we will provide a few tips to make things easier and help you have a nice outdoor bar area.

Essentials for an Outdoor Bar Area

  1. Stock Up on Essentials

The first thing you need to do is stock up on the essentials. Ideally, your bar should already have storage in the back. If it doesn’t, you can find easy storage solutions. Once you do, make sure to stock up on essentials like glassware, utensils, bottle and wine openers, bar tools, paper towels, and anything else you might need.

  1. Have Shade

Since you won’t only be using your outdoor bar area at night, it’s important to have some shade. Adding an umbrella to your bar will make things a lot more comfortable for you and any guests you invite. An umbrella will be enough for a small area, but if the area is large, consider a pergola with a canopy. There are plenty of ideas on the Creative Living website

Sun Shades
  1. Add Light

Outdoor lanterns are your best friends when it comes to adding light to your outdoor bar area. You need to see what you’re doing at the bar, after all. Fortunately, there are many outdoor lighting options to choose from so you can create the right ambiance. 

Solar Spike Light Black
  1. Get a Cooler

A cooler is a very important feature for your outdoor bar area. It will help you keep your drinks cold and store ingredients, so pick the right size for your needs. We recommend you get a cooler with a drain because it will make things a bit easier and it should also have wheels if you plan on moving it around often.

  1. Get an Outdoor Heater

Nights can get chilly, but that shouldn’t get in the way of your fun or relaxation at your outdoor bar area. That’s why you need to get an outdoor heater for this area. It will keep you and everyone else warm and comfortable while you enjoy your drinks. 

Stainless Steel Tower Gas Flame Patio Heater
  1. Get Trash and Recycling Bins

It’s important to keep your outdoor area nice and tidy, so you should definitely get trash and recycling bins. This way, you don’t have to go in and out of your home to throw things away. Label the bins clearly so everyone knows where things go and place them in a convenient location.

  1. Have Fun with the Decor

Last but not least, your outdoor bar area should be decorated! Let your personality guide you and make this space your own. Consider adding an illuminated bar sign, LED lights, plants, or whatever other kind of décor you’d like. Think of a vision for your bar and bring it to life.

Once you set up your outdoor bar area with all the essentials, you will enjoy this space a lot more and use it more often than you did before!
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