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Growing Your Own Vegetables

Growing Your Own Vegetables

As the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds for a little longer each day as the long, cold wintery days come to an end one tends to feel more energetic and a whole lot happier. With this in mind, one tends to think of getting outdoors, gearing up for summer and healthy eating. Have you considered a trendy money-saving hobby that will not only inspire healthy eating but also spending time outdoors? Whether you have a full blown garden or a little balcony space this could be the creative outlet you need.

Growing Your Own Vegetables

Think Organic, fresh produce!

Growing vegetables may seem tedious to some or even somewhat overwhelming, however it is very rewarding and exciting to see that the seeds that have been planted are growing. What is needed?

  • A little outdoor space: on a balcony, in a courtyard or even in your back yard.
  • Some water;
  • and a modest amount of TLC.

Growing Your Own Vegetables

Gardening can be a great stress reliever and much needed break from technology at the end of a week. Eating from your garden can be so rewarding and before long you will have a choice of fresh, young edibles. The trend is towards box cultivation, vertical gardening and balcony gardening. In the prefect spot with just a hint of sunlight, one can easily grow a variety of healthy greens, coupled with a few salad ingredients:

  • Lettuce is an easy one to grow; it flourishes in shadier areas as well as in filtered sunlight.
  • Cucumbers will grow with moderate watering and direct sunlight. Another easy grower.
  • Cherry tomatoes grow abundantly in good lighting. It would be best to support their stems but can creep in a window box as well as in a hanging basket.
  • Grow Basil near the tomatoes to prevent pests and to give the tomatoes a fresh, new flavouring. Basil is an easy-grower and will delight you with fresh aromas and abundant growth.

Growing Your Own Vegetables


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