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Green Roofs - Outdoor Inspiration For City Dwellers

Green Roofs - Outdoor Inspiration For City Dwellers

Although many people are aware of the concept of green roofs, many are not familiar with the notion that these have been around for more than three years, mostly in the major cities. This is a fast growing trend being both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, thus beneficial.

More and more apartment blocks are being built due to the fact that the inner city life has much to offer the younger generation as well as the ‘workaholics’ creating the demand for accommodation space close to work. The city night life has a great impact on this manner of ‘home’ which in turn has impacted negatively on the environment.

At some stage everyone needs a little down - time and nothing is better than getting out into nature. Many city dwellers do not have the privilege of a garden nor access to safe and clean parks however the new trend in green roofs offer just that, nature on your doorstep, so to speak.

Green Roofs - Outdoor Inspiration For City Dwellers

A green roof or living roof, as it is sometimes referred to, is the roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation.

These green rooftops perform several functions such as absorbing rainwater, providing insulation, assisting in lowering urban air temperatures and seemingly decreases the stress levels of the residents by providing a more aesthetically pleasing landscape. By utilising the natural function plants use to filter water and treat the air in urban and suburban areas, Green Roofs are aiding every living thing around it.

Although the initial start-up costs are more expensive than the standard roof, there are no ongoing costs.

Green Roofs can be achieved on various roofs, be it wooden constructions, metal sheeting or reinforced concrete decks. The basis for any Green Roof is a good, long lasting waterproof sheeting placed on top of the roof construction together with the appropriate load bearing capacity as plant roots can, over a period of time, damage the waterproofing as well as the roof construction. There is ongoing research into this type of urban gardening, so keep abreast of the latest research before commencing with a Green Roof project.

Having said that, it is still advisable and exemplary to assist the environment by planting a Green Roof, and in so doing also making a positive impact on climate. This is only one way which will benefit you, your family and future generations - there are many others. Many will follow the example you set. So, let’s start a trend !

Green Roofs - Outdoor Inspiration For City Dwellers

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