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Go Green with Solar Lighting

Go Green with Solar Lighting

Solar lighting, a hot new word in the “go green” movement, is taking over outdoor living spaces with their low carbon footprint, stylish new designs, range of colours, and their hassle free approach to lighting up your garden and patio. The recent advancements in solar lighting means that you don’t have to compromise on landscaping or style whilst worrying about underground wiring and expensive installation fees. Read on to learn more about going green with solar lighting.

Solar Light

How Solar Lights Work

Modern solar lights work via nickel metal hydride batteries and rely on something called the photovoltaic effect. Basically they gather solar energy produced by the sun via a tiny solar panel and store it into a rechargeable cell battery. These batteries can provide power or up to 15 hours, depending on their size. The great thing about solar lights is that when their light energy runs out, they simply recharge the next day when the sun comes up!


Benefits of Solar Lighting
  • A great way to lower your electricity bill and save some money every month
  • Reduces your home’s carbon foot with energy that is 100% free, clean and renewable
  • No complicated or expensive installations are needed as solar lights are self-contained units
  • You will greatly reduce your maintenance costs as most solar lighting is made from durable materials that are built to withstand the elements.
  • Solar lighting batteries last up to 3-4 years and the LEDs can last for 10 years or more.
  • With loadshedding sweeping across South Africa yet again, solar lighting means you won’t have to worry about your lights during a power outage.
  • Solar lights can be installed just about anywhere your heart desires, as long as they can receive sunlight to charge during the day. This makes highlighting features in your outdoor space an absolute breeze.

Solar Lighting House

If you’re looking at using solar lights in your outdoor space, you may want to look into which type would best suit your needs. There are many types of solar lights but the main ones can be categorised as follows:

Floodlights or spotlights – These can be used in your parking area or for general security on your property. They are the brightest of all the solar lights and some even come with a motion-sensor.

Fairy Lights – These are beautiful as décor for your garden, wound into a tree or strung up along your patio. You can even find colourful ones just right for this Christmas season.

Decorative – With advancements in solar technology, the range of decorative solar lights has grown to include lanterns, jars, Victorian-style street lamps, and so much more. Your garden could become a solar lighting wonderland with the right imagination and creative flair!

Pathway Lights – These are the post style lights, self-contained and mounted on stakes which can easily be pushed into the ground. These are great for illuminating walkways and steps in your outdoor area.

Solar Light

The benefits of solar lighting versus electrical lighting are unquestionable. They are more viable, stylish and affordable than ever before with less hassle and a range of options to choose from. If you would like to take a step towards going green then this would be a perfect start. If you have already reduced your carbon footprint, then this would be an excellent step to further that goal. Either way, finding the perfect solar lighting is just a few clicks away. View our solar lighting collection here.

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