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Rich in biodiversity and home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, it is no surprise that Italy is included in our Gardens of the World series. Stretching as far as the Mediterranean Sea, Italy boasts a variety of wildlife as well as plants. It is the history of the gardens however, that are of great interest and we have chosen a few of our favourite amongst the many popular gardens.


The Orto Botanica is the world’s first botanical garden and still preserves its original layout. First created in 1545, the 28-acre garden was originally established for the cultivation of medicinal plants. Today the garden showcases a rich variety of medicinal and other plants from various parts of the world and has confirmed a prominent place in the introduction and study of many exotic species.

Isola Bella by Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, EuropeanaIsola Bella by Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Europeana


Traveling to the north of Italy, approximately 400 metres form the lakeside town of Stresa, we find a stunning island known as Isola Bella. This tiny island is as beautiful as its name suggests. Boasting an extravagant terraced garden, scattered with 17th century statues this island is a sight to behold. It boasts a Palace with Italianate gardens and a small fishing village, equally as breathtaking.



Another stately and impressive garden is the Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio. The garden itself has a rich history of over 350 years. The Barbarigo family, one of the richest at that time, arranged to have the garden built between 1665 and 1696 as a show of gratitude to God for protecting them from the plague of 1630.

The garden has a few interesting features which include: Diana’s Pavilion, the lush Salvation Path, and the 17th century Boxwood Labyrinth. The latter being one of the oldest original plant labyrinths in the world!

The Villa Barbarigo is a 17th-century rural villa, located in over 40-acres of land in Valsanzibio, a frazione of Galzignano Terme, south of Padua, in Northern Italy.


Stretching across more than half a million square meters along the Mincio River, the Sigurtá Garden Park is where you will discovery numerous blooming flowers and beautifully maintained lawns.

One of the key features of this Park are the towers of a ruined castle on the top of the hills. Exploring the large estate, you will experience 18 ornamental ponds and lakes, an herb garden and colourful flowerbeds covered in masses of flowers. The Park however, is best known for its magnificent tulip display during the spring season. Addition to the beauty, you will encounter the maze and grotto which are somewhat untraditionally styled for an Italian topiary garden.
Nonetheless, the Park, in all its splendor is an absolute must see for anyone interested in the Gardens of the World.

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