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Gardens Of The World - Ireland

Gardens Of The World - Ireland

Ireland has an amazing array of flora and fauna which is the reason we chose to feature it in our Gardens of the World series. Some of the most beautiful gardens, of varying sizes are found on this charming island. Beginning with the National Botanical Gardens, an eighteenth century arboretum, to secret gardens surrounding Dublin Buildings, the list is endless!

We have listed a few of the most unique gardens.

Gardens of the World - Ireland



One of the earliest examples of a Robinsonian garden, the Mount Usher Gardens has certainly earned the title of Top Rated Irish Garden, by the Good Gardens Guide. The gardens are home to over 5000 species of organically grown plants. Carefully grown on either side of the River Vartry which flows through the 22 acre garden.

The Mount Usher Gardens are a perfect day-out destination for families. Explore the gardens at length, walking along the garden paths and tree trails which are easily accessible and wheelchair friendly. Remember to stop off at Avoca Garden Café for a delicious breakfast or lunch. The cafe provides a delicious menu that caters to kids as well.


Iveagh Gardens are Dublins ‘secret garden’. Designed in 1865 by landscape architect Ninian Niven, the garden hosts a unique collection of features. Within the gardens you can find a mini replica of London’s Hampton Court Maze and an impressive waterfall feature. The Cascade flows over a rockery containing various rocks from each of the 32 counties within the island of Ireland.


Home to the National Rhododendron collection, the National Botanical Gardens, Kilmacurragh is a must-see for all plant lovers. The gardens are home to a number of rare varieties which were brought to Ireland by the Acton Family who then established the original gardens in 1712.

Gardens of the World - Ireland

The gardens were originally the pride showpieces of the Irish Queen Anne style house that housed the Acton Family which stands abandoned today.


Thomas Acton, together with his sister Jane, took part in many plant seeking expeditions in order to acquire the impressive collection they own. When not out plant seeking, the siblings utilised their connections at nurseries and botanical gardens across the world to acquire exotic seeds. Some are so rare that the specimens in these gardens are possibly the only of its kind in Europe and perhaps the entire Northern Hemisphere. The rarest of these trees found in the 18th-century arboretum is the endangered Monkey Puzzle tree.

A beautiful garden remains the pride and joy for many a household. Whether a large estate with rolling hills or a small garden set up on your balcony, gardens brighten up the areas in many ways only nature can. Here at Creative Living we offer many products that compliment a garden or patio.

Interested in more gardens of the world or perhaps in need of inspiration. Have a look at our monthly blogs here.

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