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Fire Pit Ideas

Fire Pit Ideas

Fire pits are a beautiful and trendy addition to your outdoor area. Not only do they look festive they also create a great atmosphere, making everyone part of the conversation. Fire pits come in different shapes and sizes and can be designed as per individual taste.

Below we are going to show you different pits you can opt for. We will look at them in more detail and compare their safety features as well as wind protection options.

Bon fire pits and Wood fire pits

Bon fire pits are the most sought after of the fire pits. They are easy to use and create a beautiful ambiance. Bon fire pits have a rustic feel to and therefore suit any area. Another advantage of bon fire pits is that they are relatively easy to build, making them a good DIY project for the handy man. Wood is usually used in bon fire pits. This again adds to the beautiful and relaxing outdoor atmosphere.

Bon fire pits and Wood fire pits

These popular pits come in different shapes and sizes, mostly built in a round shape to engage guests sitting around. This is however, not the only shape used. Bon fire pits also come in squares and blocks. There are no limits to your creative ideas. The safety of bon fire pits is a very important topic as one need to realize that you are dealing with open fire and strict safety precautions should be adhered to around the pit.

Please note that your fire pit must be built at least 10 feet away from any structure or combustible surface. Another important point to keep in mind is the weather. Try and avoid windy evenings that would flare your fire and cause danger to people around it. Please remember to never leave your fire unattended and to cover the fire pit once your fire has been extinguished.

Clean surroundings around your pit area will ensure safety so make sure there are no branches or foliage that could catch fire.

Natural Gas Pits

Natural gas pits became a popular option because of their safety. Gas pits are a beautiful addition to your outdoor space that brings on a festive feel without too much hassle. They are easy to operate with just a switch and are also easy to use.

Natural Gas Pits

They create no smoke and there are no ashes to clean afterwards. Sounds great doesn’t it?

There is one disadvantage of natural gas fire pits and that is that it is mainly to create atmosphere and not suitable for cooking. Natural gas fire pits are usually built into a patio or in the ground. Special precautions are necessary around these pits as the flames are close.

Propane fire pits

The last type of pit we want to discuss is the Propane Fire Pit, a more expensive but a more convenient option. One of the advantages of this pit is that it does not require refilling like the bon fire and natural gas fire pit. These kinds of pits are usually luxuriously designed with impressive faux wood, rock pebbles, or glass. Propane fire pits adds to the luxury of your outdoor area and comes in 3 styles, the portable propane pit which is movable and comes in one package.

The copper Bowl fire pit is another type of propane fire pit which although expensive is very durable as copper has a very high melting point. Lastly the Fire Pit tables, which is a great option for families as their strongest feature is safety.

We hope that our explanation in this blog has helped you decide which type of fire pit you would like. Whichever one you choose, your outdoor area will be enhanced with a a beautiful feature creating an unforgettable ambiance.

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