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Designer corners

Designer corners

Dining Room Corners

Creative Living offers a wide variety of corner sets to enhance that unflattering corner space all within your budget. Gone are the days of the obligatory dining table in the centre of the room. Now there are so many creative thoughts for this shift, one of which is the multifunctional open plan spaces.

There are Corner Pieces which are great in a lounge too as well as in an outdoor lounge corner. Creative Living have these ideal designs which work well for both indoor or outdoor lounging.

Portofino Corner Set

For a sleek, chic yet retro-look, with a modern twist, the Portofino Corner Set is a must-have. Boasting a crisp aluminium & powdered-coated white frame with grey rope woven sides, topped with light grey cushions, it comes with two long sofa sides that are clipped together to form an L shape.

The table is similarly styled with a grey safety-glass top and is rectangular in shape. Sophisticated and elegant, this dining set can comfortably accommodate up to six guests. Sized at 285cm wide by 285cm long.

Portofino Corner Sofa Set

Amelia Corner Patio Sofa Set

A two-seater sofa and a three-seater sofa are joined together to form the L-shaped Amelia Corner Sofa Set. A woven coffee table with a safety glass top for drinks or snacks adds to this super functional sofa set. Available in Grey wicker with wite cushions or brown wicker with cream cushions. The recommended footprint for this set is 195cm wide by 195cm long.

Amelia Corner Patio Sofa Set

Savannah Corner Sofa Set

The Savannah Corner Sofa Set comes in two colour options namely grey weave with light grey cushions or brown weave with cream-coloured cushions. This set requires slightly more space than the above-mentioned Amelia Set and the recommended footprint of 244cm wide by 214cm long is required. Two, two-seater sofas put together form the L shape. The one has an open-ended side for the ottoman to fit right in, or for around one of the other sides of the table, as per your requirement. A square coffee table with a safety glass top accompanies this set perfectly.

Savannah Corner Sofa Set

Coline Corner Sofa Set

For a large, modern space, the Coline Corner Sofa Set is the ultimate in luxury. Sturdy and weather- resistant aluminium frames form the outline of this effortlessly simple yet elegant sofa set. Available with white- or charcoal frames, with grey cushions and a classy matching coffee table.

This comfortable sofa set can seat up to five people and requires an area of approximately 220cm wide by 243cm long.

Coline Corner Sofa Set

And now for the best of both worlds – Creative Living offers interchangeable dining and sofa sets.

Francesca Corner Dining Sofa Set

The Francesca Corner Dining and Sofa Set can comfortably seat up to four guests. Available in grey wicker with light grey cushions, it has a footprint of 240cm wide by 240cm long.

The corner chair boasts armchair sides and a high back, the two ottomans offer comfortable seating for the opposite sides of the table. An adjustable table offers the height needed for a dining table or when lowered it is the perfect coffee table.

Francesca Corner Dining Sofa Set

Edwina Corner Sofa Dining Set

To accommodate up to 6 guests with ease, the corner seating has armchair sides and high backs and there are 3 stool-style seats to fit around the other side of the table. Available in grey rattan weave with light grey cushions. This Set is 300cm wide by 250cm long.

The Edwina set offers the ideal combination of outdoor dining and lounging. The table can be easily lifted to allow for a dining experience or lowered to allow for a lounging experience. This dining table/ coffee table combination is the appealing feature of this Edwina corner sofa dining set. It boasts a fully-fitted ice bucket set in the centre of the table allowing for cold drinks all the time.

Edwina Corner Dining Sofa

For an added effect, paint the corner in a contrasting colour to the rest of the room, or cover it with some well-designed textured wall paper.

A quick-fix to enhance your new corner dining suite, would be to add some decorative cushions with a matching runner and a table topper.

Table toppers can be anything from a feature statuette, to some gorgeous flowers.

Adding a complimentary painting can add much needed colour or contrast to a corner dining or sofa set.

Beautifully designed corner spaces are now easy to achieve. Corner dining sets and corner lounge sets from Creative Living are versatile and stylish and are interchangeable for outdoor or indoor spaces.

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