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Create Your Own Outdoor Living Space

Create Your Own Outdoor Living Space

Here at Creative Living we try our best to offer a wide range of stylish, high quality outdoor furniture to suit almost anyone. Whilst most of our furniture comes in sets, we also offer a range of sectional pieces. Our sectional pieces are great outdoor furniture options aimed at those in search of more flexibility.


In this range we offer a variety of options to mix and match, namely:

Coffee tables
Corner chairs
Middle chairs


We have a wide range of armchairs perfect for mixing and matching to create your own unique space. Our range includes silver powder-coated aluminum frames matched with wicker, textilene, or Eco wood slats and pure Saligna wood (similar to Cherrywood) with brass fittings. If you want to create your own corner couch then the grey or brown weave wicker matches perfectly with our corner and middle chair sets. For stand-alone armchairs you could invest in our Carmen range, or try the Saligna seater sofa. All of our armchairs are made to be as weather proof as possible. However, it is recommended to keep the Saligna pieces under cover as rain and sun can make the wood’s rich colour fade. All the rest have totally washable cushions or can simply be wiped down and do not suffer any damage from the weather.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a staple for any lounge area, indoor or outdoor. It is a multi-functional item worth much more than just ‘a place to put your coffee cup’. Our coffee table selection includes wicker and Saligna wood pieces. The Saligna coffee tables come in rectangle or square and are pure wood with brass fittings. The wicker tables come in a brown or grey weave with a clear glass top making them durable and easy to wipe down. Creative Living also offer a drinks trolley in this section. The Drink Trolley in Mix Brown comes equipped with a discreet storage drawer and multiple shelves with a flat top surface for preparing and serving. It also has wheels for easy mobility and a break mechanism for safety.

Other Outdoor Furniture

Our corner and middle chairs only come in a brown or grey wicker with weather proof cushions. These items match perfectly with our Avant-Garde or Serena armchairs. We’ve named items in collections to make it easier to mix and match. For instance, our Serena armchair matches the Serena middle chair and likewise with the Avant-Garde collection. This is likewise with our two ottoman options – also Serena or Avant-Garde.

If creating your very own space means uniqueness and a blend of styles, then our sectional items are just the place to shop. You can mix wicker and wood or aluminum and textilene to your heart’s content! Whichever you choose, be sure that our stylish pieces will add just the touch you are looking for. Click here to find the best activities for kids in the garden.

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