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How To Care For Your Garden Shed

How To Care For Your Garden Shed

Garden buildings such as garden sheds can enhance the outdoor space and create extra storage space. It is essential therefore to invest in a good quality garden shed to be able to enjoy the long term benefits. Besides investing in good quality garden shed, it is essential that it is well cared for too. Taking care of the windows and door as well painting or oiling it every few years will add to its durability. Look at the tips we share on how to take care of your garden shed.

How To Care For Your Garden Shed

Window Care 

Windows are an important part of garden sheds and needs special attention. If you look after the windows properly, it will not need any major repairs in future. Firstly, it is very important that the windows are sealed both inside and out when building your garden shed. To seal your windows use silicone, timber beading or any other suitable ‘water tight’ solution.

Another tip is to ensure that the window putty you use is of a high quality. Old, rusted and low quality putties leads to leaking which will result in condensation causing damp inside your garden shed.

Door Maintenance

Door maintenance is just as important as window maintenance. In the summer months when you go in and out of your garden shed a few times a day, opening and closing the door will put strain on the doors hinges. If you want the door to last through the summer, follow our simple advice.

Firstly and very importantly, make sure your shed is on level ground. If your door does not line up and is difficult to close, each movement will put pressure on the hinges and the wood joints of the door which will weaken them. Secondly, ensure you paint the door properly both inside and out paying extra attention to the bottom of the door. The reason for this is that the rain bounces off at the bottom of the doors hence the reason that the bottom part always rots first. Thirdly, if the shed door is stapled or nailed together, replace this with proper screws.

Shed doors are used so frequently that the strain on the staples and nails will cause them to loosen over time. Using screws will make for stronger and long lasting doors.

How To Care For Your Garden Shed

Storage Solutions

Using the garden shed for storage purposes is a mistake many people make. This leads to one big mess if not organised and packed properly from the outset. There are many ways to avoid this situation and organise your storage space so that it is effective. Building a few cabinets inside your garden shed is one way. Cabinets are not expensive and help in storing all necessities.

Another is to build a small closet. In fact building a few cabinets and a closet you will have the rest of the space totally free making it look neat and tidy. Lastly you could use wall space by building a peg rail organiser.

Paint Solutions

Here are some tips on how to paint your garden shed. Painting your garden shed is an important part of its maintenance. Firstly and most importantly, use high quality paint products for your garden shed just like you would for your home. Your home requires periodic maintenance and sheds should be viewed in the same way. The more you care for your shed, the more beautiful it will look as the years pass. So, take good care in painting your shed and repainting it periodically.

Follow the tips below:

  • fill any small knots or holes with wood putty before you start any priming.
  • use the highest quality exterior 100% acrylic latex paint (we recommend a satin or semi-gloss finish) on all your wood siding and trims. This will help to protect it.
  • make sure you paint all the exposed edges of the doors. This is very important to help with maintenance plans in the future.
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