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Balcony Basics: Working With Small Spaces

Balcony Basics: Working With Small Spaces

Arranging your balcony can be rather daunting, especially if space is limited. However, that shouldn’t be a deterrent from enjoying your balcony! For this reason we have a few Balcony Basics for your consideration which is to assist you with the task at hand.


Using Outdoor rugs as part of the décor is one of the easiest ways to enhance your outdoor living space. With so many colours and styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

One of the many advantages of outdoor rugs is that they are made from durable material and will therefore withstand the harsh elements and last much longer. This of course means that you will not have to replace it soon thereby saving your finances.


When working with limited space, seating should be your number one priority. The seating should always be fitting of the amount of space available. Once that has been organised, the next is to consider your lifestyle. The amount of time the balcony is utilised and for what purpose is a further consideration.

Once all of these have been considered and dealt with, the type of seating needs attention. If the balcony will only be utilised occasionally, then perhaps the best option is folding chairs which are easy to pack away and store. Alternatively floor cushions are a fun alternative. They are equally, if not more, comfortable and it is shown that sitting on the floor can be most beneficial to your posture!

If you are the only one to use the balcony you could convert it into a cozy reading nook with an outdoor armchair such as our wicker Serena Armchair, or for maximum comfort you possibly even opt for a hammock should the space allow for it.


In one of our previous articles we mentioned that side tables are key to setting up any outdoor living space. Side tables offer extra surface area to place drinks, a decoration such as a pot plant or lamp. The most beneficial fact is that they’re small and compact thereby rendering them perfect for limited spaces.


Since the basic layout of the balcony has been achieved, a colour burst is now needed! By adding in some colour your balcony you can revitalise the area in so many ways. This revival can be achieved with either décor, plants or both.

Choose some coloured cushions to scatter round, and hang some dazzling fairy lights up. Just with these two simple additions a totally innovative ambience can be achieved, For some creative inspiration, have a look at our colourful range of outdoor cushions and lighting.

Plants afford you the luxury of your own ‘green space’ and you don’t need a large garden to enjoy fragrant flowers and lush greenery. What is needed is a spot for flower pots or raised planters and even vertical planting. Even the walls can be used to create a beautiful space by hanging pots and planters or vertical gardens – all which is achievable in a limited balcony space.

Our article on Vertical Gardening should motivate you!

Feeling inspired? Look no further than our gorgeous range on offer and start planning your dream balcony today with Creative Living!

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