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Arranging Your Patio

Arranging Your Patio

When it comes to arranging your patio furniture the task may seem daunting. We have 5 effortless tips to make this task so much easier. With a basic understanding of furniture arrangement anyone can design a patio that best suits their home and lifestyle.


Take a look at your patio and determine exactly what you’re working with. How much or how little space you have will dictate the layout of the patio. Take special note of the placements of doors, windows, balcony railings and so on. This will affect the overall flow of the layout.

Next, the elements will need consideration. How much sun does the chosen area get? And would you need to incorporate parasols or shade sails to counter direct sun?

Outdoor Shade

Once the designated area has been dealt with it's time to look at Pinterest boards and view some furniture stores!


Do you enjoy outdoor dining or the casual lounging type? Your lifestyle and hosting preferences should always be considered when choosing your patio furniture.

Outdoor dining sets are practical for those who have large spaces and often host parties and gatherings. Should have a smaller space but still enjoy the outdoors for a meal under the stars, bistro sets are an excellent choice.

For loungers, we suggest looking at outdoor sofa sets. As these are available in various sizes these are suitable for any sized patio and balcony. For those who enjoy loungers, a lovely daybed at the poolside could be ideal ensuring luxurious comfort on a sunny day.

Creative Living Coline 5 Seater Set


You have selected the style you like so now it's time to emphasis a point of focus. Where would you like the focus to be? The pool, the garden, a fire-pit perhaps? Once this has been decided arranging your patio will be a breeze


Design and arrangement of furniture is essential to allow for easy access without obstruction. With this in mind, it is best to arrange your seating area in a way that allows ease-of-movement by all those who will be enjoying this outdoor space without hindrance.

Best is to place lengthier pieces like settees, sofas and daybeds along the walls to allow for easy placement of smaller furniture wherever you choose.


And finally to enhance the ambience and style with safety.

As beautiful as this space maybe with all the impressive furniture you now have, the added extras will add that little ‘something’ to the style. Accessories will pull the entire space together. Placing pot plants adds more greenery which will enrich the patio and give it a natural look-and-feel. By adding in scatter-cushions for comfort, you again increase the cosiness making it a desirable area to relax and enjoy.

Lighting is another very important feature in any space, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. Choose wisely for not only the ambience but for safety too. This aspect is only too often forgotten with the hype about the beauty of the design and layout. Ensure there is enough light to avoid accidental collisions with your furniture or other people. The lighting should be enough yet subtle enough not to distract from the beauty of the night sky.

At Creative Living, we offer a variety of outdoor furniture and accessories ideal for patios of any size. Take a look at all our products and follow your dreams to start arranging your patio today!

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