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5 New Year Resolutions for Your Home and Garden

5 New Year Resolutions for Your Home and Garden

It’s that time again—time for New Year’s resolutions. But this year, instead of promising yourself you will eat less and exercise more, why not make resolutions for your home and garden—resolutions you will be happy to keep.

Resolutions are very personal, of course, and everyone has to come up with their own. But here are five ideas to get you thinking about how to make your home more comfortable, more attractive, and more efficient in the coming year.

1. Garden Organically

Garden organically

Stop using chemical fertilizers and pesticides and make your garden safer for your children, your pets, and the environment. Feed with organic fertilizer and pile on the mulch. You may have to pull a few weeds now and then, but the peace of mind is worth it.

2. Add a new colour

Change the colour scheme of the whole house if you can. If that is out of the question, paint one room. If the walls are a neutral tone now, make them bright. Change pastels to deep, rich hues. Still too big a project? Then add a splash of colour around the windows or paint the front door a new shade.

3. Make your house shoeless

Tired of cleaning up the endless stream of dirt people track in on their shoes? Then make your home a shoeless area. Put a “Please take off your shoes” sign by the front door, and provide a rack or basket for shoes. You may even keep a supply of washable slippers for guests. It doesn’t take long for family members and guests to get in the habit.

Make your house shoeless

4. Put in a fire pit or chiminea

With a fire pit or chiminea you will get more use of your garden after dark and when the days start to get chilly. Plus, there is nothing like a fire to set the scene for roasting marshmallows and telling stories. You can find a fire pit or chiminea to fit any size garden or patio, no matter how small.

Fire Pit

5. Make space for games

Whether your family likes ping-pong, table hockey, or jigsaw puzzles dedicate a space in your home for fun activities. You may wind up adding a room, finishing a basement, turning a bedroom into a game room, or just making a place for a game table.

Here’s an idea: make the resolutions for your home and garden a family affair. Ask everyone what he or she would like to change, make your list, and then give each family member a role in keeping your resolutions.

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