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Shade Accessories Package

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Fix to walls for a rectangle shade sail. All fixing accessories are Stainless steel does not rust.

Two of the corners must be tensioned when installing. Use a Turnbuckle to tension and hold in place, or use a Strap Tensioner to pull tight, and fit in place with a S Hook, Snap Hook or D Shackle The other corners can be connected to a Pad Eye or Eye Bolt using a Snap Hook, S Hook or D Shackle according to personal preference



  • 2 x Turnbuckle
  • 4 x Pad Eye
  • 2 x Shade Snap hook
  • 16 x Rawlplug with screw



  • Turnbuckle: Normally, a minimum of 2 corners will each have a turnbuckle. Both turnbuckles should be attached on the same side of the Shade Sail while the two opposite corners will have S hooks attached. The turnbuckles are to be connected to the eye bolts.
  • Pad Eye: Similar to Eye bolts but these are connected to a wall onto which the turnbuckles can attach.
  • These act as intermediaries between the wall pad eye or pole eye bolt.
  • These can create more space if needed between connections.