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Making The Most Of A Small Garden

Making The Most Of A Small Garden

No matter how small the garden, there's always room for big imagination. Whether you want to create a usable garden space in a small area, or simply want a garden that looks great from your window. You can trust Creative Living with its wealth of beautiful Outdoor Furniture products to help fire your creativity and bring out the designer in you.

Let’s explore the differences between paved garden areas and grassed garden areas:

Make the most of your paved garden spaces:

  • Use pot plants or vertical gardens to add some green and colour, plant a herb garden or grow some fragrant plants such as jasmine or yesterday, today & tomorrow.
  • Add fairy lights or candles to create ambient lighting.
Making The Most Of A Small Garden
Making paved areas beautiful with Creative-Living
Making The Most Of A Small Garden
Adding colour to your deck
  • Let your imagination run wild on the different styles of outdoor furniture that you can use to compliment your paving or decking.
  • Add a water feature and enjoy the calming effects of running water.
  • Or add a small outdoor dining set creating a place to have breakfast or tea.
  • Hang a hammock or a sitting nook for a great place to escape or read.

Grassed gardens are perfect for small or large areas:

  • Use stepping stones to create elegant walking paths through grassed areas.
  • Flank a path with solar lighting to make it easy to navigate at night.
  • Big trees are ideal for shade, fantastic for summer picnicking or place a sandpit underneath it for kids to enjoy.
  • Buffalo and LM Berea are two shade grasses most often used in South Africa, Buffalo is a hardy grass that grows well in the sun or shade and it has a broader leaf, whereas LM Berea is a soft type of grass that is well suited for shady areas. Other shade grasses are St. Augustine or Fescue.
Making The Most Of A Small Garden
Dine under the trees on the grass this summer
Making The Most Of A Small Garden
Add Paving Stones to a grassed area for a cafe style set

Even the tiniest backyard or garden can have a huge impact we hope that you will make the most of your space with these creative garden design ideas.

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