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Luring Birds into your Garden

Luring Birds into your Garden

Creating a bird-friendly garden doesn’t have to involve expensive purchases or elaborate setups. You can attract birds effectively by repurposing everyday items from your home into creative and functional bird feeders, baths, and shelters.

Not only does this practice reduce waste, but it also adds a charming, personalized touch to your outdoor space. Here are several upcycled ideas to help you lure birds into your garden:


Birds Feeding


Upcycled Bottle Bird Feeder:

Transform empty plastic bottles into bird feeders by cutting holes near the base where birds can access seeds. Use wooden spoons or dowels as perches and hang the feeder from a tree branch or a pole. Paint the bottle with non-toxic paint to add colour and protect the plastic.


Teacup Bird Feeder:

Old teacups and saucers can become whimsical bird feeders. Glue the cup to the saucer at an angle and fill it with birdseed. Hang these delicate feeders from shepherd hooks or tree branches in shaded areas to prevent the feed from spoiling too quickly.


Tin Can Bird Bath:

Clean and paint tin cans to create shallow bird baths. Place them on the ground or elevate them on bricks or stones. Ensure the edges are smooth so birds can perch safely. Refresh the water regularly to keep it clean and inviting.


Egg Carton Bird Feeder:

Cut sections of a cardboard egg carton and fill each compartment with birdseed. Hang the entire carton from a tree branch. This feeder provides multiple feeding stations and can be easily replaced when weathered.


PVC Pipe Birdhouse:

Use sections of PVC pipes to create simple birdhouses. Cut an entrance hole of appropriate size for the birds you wish to attract and cap the ends securely. Decorate the outside with paints safe for outdoor use or wrap it in natural materials such as twine or burlap.


Wine Bottle Hummingbird Feeder:

For hummingbirds, repurpose a wine bottle by adding a hummingbird feeder tube to the opening. Fill it with homemade nectar (four parts water to one part sugar, boiled and cooled) and hang it upside down from a hook.


Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden:

Hang a fabric shoe organizer on a wall or fence and fill the pockets with soil and plants that attract insects and butterflies. Birds will be drawn to the area for both food and potential nesting sites.


Coconut Shell Bird House:

Halve a coconut shell, drill a small hole for drainage, and attach a sturdy hanging rope. Fill it with nesting materials like wool, pet fur, or dry grass to attract cavity-nesting birds such as wrens and chickadees.


Terracotta Pot Bird Bath:

Stack a large terracotta pot saucer on top of an inverted pot to create a simple bird bath. Seal the inside with a non-toxic sealant to prevent leakage, and place it in a shaded area with easy access for birds.

Set up a perfect bird viewing area in your garden with a daybed or hammock, one could even place an outdoor rug or blanket down to ensure that you get to see your creations at work.


Tear Drop Day Bed


By incorporating these upcycled items into your garden, you not only provide essential resources for birds but also add character and eco-friendliness to your outdoor space. Remember to keep feeders and baths clean and well-maintained, and supplement them with native plants that provide natural food sources and shelter. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, your garden can become a haven for a variety of bird species throughout the year.

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