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Low Maintenance Perennial Plants

Low Maintenance Perennial Plants

Gorgeous gardens can often be a challenge to maintain for various reasons, one of which is time constraints. Here we have listed some low maintenance perennial plants for your garden that are low maintenance and are sure to enhance your garden making it lush and colourful at all times, every year.

Low Maintenance Perennial Plants
Photo by Deeana Creates from Pexels

Also known as Echinacea. Coneflowers are mid-summer blooms come in a variety of colours including pink, gold, red, coral and orange. They make for excellent cut flowers for your home. This hardy plant wants full sun and are known to attract butterflies to your garden.

Fun Fact: Coneflowers are prairie plants. Traditionally they thrive best in environments subject to heavy grazing or periodic burning from fires often sparked by lightning.

Low Maintenance Perennial Plants

Despite the name, Daylilies – they are in fact not lilies at all. Lilies grow from bulbs whereas daylilies have roots. Although they may seem similar to the untrained eye, some of the more distinguishing characteristics of these plants lay beneath the surface.

These beautiful plants are carefree perennials, thriving in any type of soil, will grow anywhere, so perfect for shady areas. They are drought resistant and very rarely troubled by insects or plant diseases. This is why daylilies are a great choice for any gardener with a busy schedule.

Staying true to their name, Daylily blooms only last one day!

Fun Fact: Daylilies can grow to be up 5 feet tall.

Low Maintenance Perennial Plants

Flowering Sedums will bring an array of colour to any late summer and autumn garden. When grouped together, the bold foliage and large flower heads of these plants create quite an impressive vista. Sedums grow best in rock gardens and along pathways.

Fun Fact: Sedum is a symbol of peace and tranquillity.

Low Maintenance Perennial Plants

Like Daylilies, ferns grow best in relatively shady areas. If planted under the scattered shade of a tree, your ferns will thrive. What makes these lush plants extra appealing is the variety. There are over 20,000 known species of fern throughout the world, thus making your choice practically endless.

Fun Fact: Ferns have been around for millions of years and were around before dinosaurs!


Bold and beautiful, Lavender will always be a favourite and striking addition to a perennial garden. This fragrant herb requires little watering and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as drought and frost.

Fun Fact: Lavender has many uses. Its scent deters flies, mosquitoes, mice and other pests from the area where it is found, however it does attract bees. Lavender oil is commonly used to soothe muscle and joint pain as well as reduce anxiety and stress. It is also used to induce sleep.

Low Maintenance Perennial Plants

A classic perennial with impressive white blooms, Shasta Daisies are one of the easiest flowers to grow. They grow best in well-drained soil, are low maintenance and a beautiful complement to any garden.

Shasta Daisies vary in height. Shorter stemmed plants can be used as borders while the taller variety can create beautiful backdrops.

Fun Fact: The Shasta Daisy was named after Mount Shasta in northern California, where the hybrid was developed by Luther Burbank.

Gorgeous gardens require a lot of care and maintenance. Choosing the correct plants, however, which best suit your lifestyle, can make gardening a lot easier and pleasurable.

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