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Instantly Modern: Outdoor Sectional

Instantly Modern: Outdoor Sectional

In its earliest forms, sectional seating was odd at best, and downright awful at worst. But like many things that only get better with time, sectional seating has evolved into something that can be quite fabulous. And it seems that sectional seating found its true purpose when it made its way outdoors!

Instantly Modern: Outdoor Sectional

Our society, like most, loves to entertain outdoors and it made sense that outdoor sectionals should follow, and they have! Outdoor sectionals are something I adore for designing patio spaces because of their clean, modern aesthetic and their versatility. They are made in a wide variety of outdoor friendly fabrics and colors to suit pretty much anyone’s taste. Also, traditional patio seating can be just too, well, traditional. Sectional seating outdoors creates a cooler, hipper vibe and much more comfortable! Think of it as your outside living room! Plus, if you get bored with the layout, you can change it. In today’s über fickle society, this is a huge plus! We love changing it up-a lot.

You can make it work in any number of spaces, large or small. Keep in mind sectional seating is generally pretty modern by design, so the rest of your decor should follow suit. However, I live in a home that looks very traditional from the outside and is very modern on the inside. I like surprises, don’t you?

Another thing I like about sectional seating is that in many cases, when you need to store it for the winter, it is much easier than standard outdoor furniture! Stack it up and you’re done … can’t beat that, right? Also, if they come with covers that are removable and washable, I’m even more stoked! How many times has a glass of red wine or a juice box ruined your day? Yep, you know what I mean.

If you’re in the market for some new outdoor furniture, sectional seating would definitely be a top Cachet pick!

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