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Spend Your Evenings In The Great Outdoors

Spend Your Evenings In The Great Outdoors

Summer is here…you can feel it in the air! Warmer days, earlier sunrises, later sunsets…the perfect setting for a relaxed evening outside. Creative Living offer the perfect pieces to help you create the ultimate space to get comfortable and unwind on a superb Summer evening.

The setting for comfort needs to be just right, which is why our extensive range of patio furniture is the best fit for your home. Every piece of our furniture has been handcrafted in our factories to ensure the quality of our products is not compromised. Our sectional pieces are great outdoor furniture options for those in search of flexibility. Our variety of Armchairs, Corner chairs, Middle chairs and Coffee Tables can be mixed and matched to fit your outdoor space.

Spend Your Evenings In The Great Outdoors

Picture sinking into a large, comfortable chair at the end of the day, resting your arms on the supportive sides…an inviting option after a long, hard day. At Creative Living, we have designed our Arm Chairs to provide optimum comfort by using a powder-coated aluminium frame that is made from 100% recycled Synthetic Wicker. Synthetic Wicker is durable and easy to maintain. Being an outdoor piece, it is essential that our Arm Chairs are resistant to the elements, which is why the Synthetic Wicker is also UV and water resistant.  The fabric cushion has a removable cover that is double stitched for strength, and hand washable.

Our sectional pieces allow you to mix and match your furniture according to your needs and individual space. Combining our Arm Chairs with our Corner and Middle Chairs enables you to create an idyllic setting in which you can relax. Our Corner and Middles Chairs are also made from 100% recycled Synthetic Wicker, creating a uniform look regardless of the pieces you choose. Both options are available in a brown weave with a brown cushion, or a grey weave with a grey cushion.

No seating arrangement would be complete without a nifty place to rest your cocktail or coffee. We have a beautiful selection of coffee tables to complete your outdoor seating area. Coffee tables are probably one of the most undervalued pieces of furniture today, yet their multiple functions prove that they are not just a place to hold your coffee cup. Our Avant-Garde coffee table has been manufactured using 100% Synthetic Wicker, ensuring that it fits in perfectly with our seating options. A place to prop up your feet or rest a chilled bottle of wine, this light-weight option allows you to move it to the space where you can get the most rest.

Spend Your Evenings In The Great Outdoors

If it’s something a little more functional you need, our Cube Changing Solar Lamp-Side Table is a great option. Lighting plays a special role and the right choice for outdoor areas can set the mood, and this unique piece offers just the right touch. A choice between pure white light, white light and RGB color changing, as well as an option to set 7 RGB colors, your evening drinks will take on a whole new level of splendour. The Cube Changing Solar Lamp – Side Table is waterproof, and able to float in water, making it the perfect accessory to finish off your outdoor area.

Summer evenings just got a whole lot more comfortable with the Creative Living outdoor area pieces. Take a look at our versatile range and start spending your Summer nights in the great outdoors the right way!

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