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Elegant Outdoor Dining

Elegant Outdoor Dining

The face of outdoor dining has changed drastically in the last few years. Gone are the days of faded plastic chairs, sun damaged tables, and paper cups. Thanks to ongoing product developments outdoor furniture is now manufactured using a wide range of UV and water resistant materials.

Blanco Dining Set

Tables and chairs feature powder coated aluminium frames, seating is fashioned using synthetic wicker and made more conformable with water and mould resistant cushions. The colour combinations and beautifully patterned, UV resistant fabrics available to us now help to create outdoor spaces we could have only dreamed of just years ago.

Amelia 4 Seater Set

Elegance is no longer restricted to indoor spaces. Outdoor furniture has never been more aesthetically pleasing, or more comfortable. Whether your outdoor space is a balcony or sprawling estate there is a seating solution for you. The size of the space available shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the simple pleasure of outdoor dining.

Milan Sofa Set

Long summer days beckon you to take your meals outside. Dining outdoors and entertaining guests is one of the true joys of having a home and garden. Here are some tips to help you set up the perfect space:

  1. Choose the right area. It doesn’t matter how comfortable your furniture is if your guests are baking in the sun or being carried away by the wind. Provide shade and shelter in the form of outdoor umbrellas, shade sails or gazebos.
  1. Make sure the table isn’t too close to the braai. We all love the smell of meat cooking over the coals but few of us love smelling like the coals.
  1. Select a position that ensure easy access to the indoor amenities such as the kitchen and bathrooms.
  1. When the party is in full swing could rising noise levels be a potential problem? Avoid locating your entertainment area near bedroom windows to keep the children asleep.
  1. Do you have an amazing view from your garden or even a lovely feature in your garden? Position your table to the best advantage. Water features and fire pits make a lovely addition to the garden and help to create ambiance.

Once you’ve found the perfect location you’re almost ready to entertain. Oil fabric table cloths are a stylish alternative to plastic and outdoor tableware has also been redesigned in recent years to provide us with attractive, eco-friendly options. Other small additions to your outdoor space will ensure your guests have an unforgettable evening. Soft music, citronella candles to repel any insects, and lap blankets for the fresh night air all add personal touches which your guests will notice and appreciate.

Outdoor dining spaces create that inherent holiday feeling that draws you in. These spaces also provides you with the opportunity to be present in the moment enjoying great food with loved ones, making memories that will last a lifetime.

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