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Different Outdoor Furniture Design Styles

Different Outdoor Furniture Design Styles

When looking to purchase outdoor patio furniture, you’ll soon realize there are a lot of options. From the material used to build the furniture to the overall style, your choices are many. However, by getting acquainted with each of your options, you’ll be able to narrow down the ones that fit your tastes and lifestyle. To help expedite the process, here are some of the best outdoor furniture styles based on what you’d use them for:
Different Outdoor Furniture Design Styles
If you entertain people often, dining and conversation sets may suit your outdoor furniture needs.

Best for entertaining in an outdoor living space

Most homeowners serve food and drinks whenever they have guests over, so your outdoor furniture should support that. Whether you’re having a small dinner party with friends or a backyard barbecue for the whole block, you’ll need furniture that provides plenty of seating and surfaces for the food and drinks. Here are the kinds of sets that will ensure your guests have somewhere to sit, talk and enjoy their night:

Dining sets

Outdoor dining sets come in a variety of styles. Some include large tables that can accommodate eight or more guests while others are designed for more intimate affairs. Overall, dining sets include chairs and a table. You also have options in the kinds of seating involved, as certain sets even have benches and ottomans. To determine whether a round or rectangular table and chairs or benches is better for your yard and entertainment needs, take a look at your space. How much room do you have? Will you have enough space for people to move around? Always measure your yard and the furniture before purchasing.

Conversation sets

Conversation sets are designed to feel more like a living room space. With comfortable seating options that include coffee tables and end tables, these sets have everything you need for a relaxing evening outdoors that’s all about having meaningful conversations. For putting your feet up, look into shaded daybed or L-shaped sectional designs. If your parties tend to be large, including conversation sets is a good idea – that way, guests can group up and retreat to the sofas for easier chatting. Having both dining and sectional sets in your backyard is a great way to offer stylish and comfortable seating for all your guests. Make sure you can fit both types in your yard, and plan their placement based on traffic flow.

Best for small spaces

If you have a small yard, deck or patio, you should not overcrowd it with large sectionals and round, eight-person dining tables. Rather, your furniture should be sized to the scale of your space. That’s not to say you can’t have a stylish sofa – here are the best furniture options for confined outdoor areas:

Bistro sets

Bistro sets generally include two chairs and a small table. Some have the look of seating you’d see in a French cafe, while others appear more like they belong on a dock overlooking blue waters. The style choices are generated by materials – decorative metal is very cafe-inspired while wicker makes the set look like a resort table. More importantly, the size of bistro sets is perfect for a smaller outdoor space.

Different Outdoor Furniture Design Styles

Chairs and sofas

Rather than get a large sectional along with its accompanying pieces, stick to just a loveseat and chairs. The smaller furniture is easier to configure into tight spaces. However, just because your yard is small doesn’t mean you can’t have luxurious seating that promotes relaxation and interaction among guests. A smaller chat set might be just the right fit. Sketch an image of your yard and come up with a number of ways to arrange your loveseat, chairs and bistro set. That way, you’ll find a configuration that works with your space.

Best for poolside

When lounging by the pool, you want to be able to stretch out, soak up some sun and maybe even nap or read. The right outdoor furniture will help you do that.

Lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are the chaise lounges of outdoor furniture. They’re constructed to be long so you can stretch your legs out straight. Additionally, they have adjustable backs that help you comfortably sleep, tan or sit up. Generally, buying a set of two is a good starter option – that way, a couple of people can lounge at the same time. However, if you have a big family, or friends visit your backyard pool often, then purchasing more lounge chairs is a smart decision.

Best for commercial use

Commercial outdoor furniture can include any of the pieces we’ve mentioned. Businesses should assess their needs (will they have diners or loungers) and make purchasing decisions based on that. Additionally, companies can pick furniture that matches a certain aesthetic, including pieces in their decor that match the overall style of their space. Businesses commonly buy outdoor furniture sets in large quantities to promote a uniform outdoor design. For that reason, availability of certain sets and commercial warranties may sway their buying choices. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, you can find outdoor furniture that will suit your needs and tastes.

What style of outdoor furniture will work best for your backyard or patio?
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