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The Difference Between Wood And Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture

The Difference Between Wood And Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture

An unbiased comparison of wooden outdoor furniture and outdoor furniture made from synthetic wicker.



The synthetic weave fibers used in the Creative Living furniture ranges are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) which makes it resilient to various extreme outdoor conditions such as blistering heat or freezing cold. The synthetic weave fibers contain the highest level of UV inhibitors to ensure that the original colour lasts for many years. These fibers are meticulously woven over powder coated aluminium frames. The powder coating process requires a minimum temperature of 225 ⁰ in which raw colour pigments are baked onto the frames in large ovens.

The Difference Between Wood And Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture


Our wooden furniture is produced from the best quality selected timber, with care and the utmost attention to detail. The construction techniques assure a superior product to last for generations to come. The wood is raw and has a minimal care coating that will protect the furniture while in the box for storage.

Setting Up:

Our furniture, both wood and synthetic it is flat packed for ease of shipping and comes complete with assembly instructions and tools. Keeping them out of direct sunlight, rain and wind will increase their life span.

Additional care must be taken when setting up new wooden furniture that is destined for the outdoors. Be sure to give it at least another three coats of wood sealer to protect it from the elements.


There are slight differences in caring for your outdoor furniture whether it is made from wood or synthetic wicker. The degree of care all depends on the level of exposure to the elements your furniture is subjected to. If your outdoor furniture is in covered patio area it will require a lot less maintenance than if it’s in an area with full exposure to the elements.

Wipe outdoor furniture off with a damp cloth to remove the usual grit and grime, for more stubborn dirt you can use a slightly soapy mixture. Never use ammonia based cleaning products as this can, in the case of synthetic weave furniture, over time eat into the materials and damage the product.

The Difference Between Wood And Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Do not submerge your outdoor furniture in water or spray with a high pressure hose as in the case of wooden furniture it can lift the varnish. Wood if left wet can become mouldy, and if left untreated it will need to be sanded and re-varnish to get it back to its original state.

Regardless of whether your choose wood of synthetic wicker, it is best to cover your outdoor furniture when not in use, even though they are treated, as this will extend their lifespan drastically.

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