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Creative Living Captiva Furniture Sets

Captiva Furniture Sets

If you are looking for a simple yet stylish update to your outdoor space, Creative Living’s Captiva furniture sets offer a comfortable solution for both big and small spaces. With an option for small gardens, patios, and balconies and an option for the bigger gardens and patios – the Captiva range has something to suit your style and preference.  

Captiva Balcony Set Brown

Captiva Balcony Set Grey

If you have a small garden, balcony, or patio then your best option is the Captiva Balcony Set in grey or brown. These sets are not overly extravagant, made up of two comfortable armchairs with cushions, and including a small, modern coffee table. The Captiva Balcony Set offers a stylish solution to making the most out of your smaller spaces. Each piece is made up of a durable resin frame which is weather-resistant and made to replicate real rattan, giving your living space a fresh and modern look whilst withstanding the elements. The armchair cushions are also weather proof, to hold up all season long, and are zipper removable for easy washing. All that you have to worry about is choosing the perfect layout for your new Captiva Balcony Set!  

Brown Weave

Grey Weave

If you have a bigger space to fill, then you may want to look at the Captiva 5 Seater Patio Set in grey or brown. Whilst in the same neutral colours as the smaller set, these offer more seating space and a larger coffee table. The full Captiva 5 Seater Patio Set consists of two armchairs, one 3-seater sofa, and a coffee table. The frames are made from the same durable resin as the balcony sets and offer durability to match. The two armchairs and 3-seater sofa include cushions with covers made from weather-proof material. Each cushion has a zip for easy removal and washing purposes. The coffee table is larger and more rectangular than the one that accompanies the Captiva Balcony Set and the armchairs are slightly larger and lower set. The beauty of the Captiva 5 Seater Patio Set is that the range of seating options allows you to mix and match the layout to suit your space and needs.

Captiva Sofa Set Brown

Captiva Sofa Set Grey

Whichever set you choose, the modern yet natural rattan creates a look which will long be in style. The beautiful neutral colours also allow you to play with the décor and feel as you wish whilst giving you peace of mind that the Captiva sets are fully durable and enjoyable for many seasons to come.

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