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by Vetsak

Original Two Seat Sofa Small - Cord Velours

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R 67,000.00
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Our original Sofa, the comfort change-maker. Our Sofa Modules allow you to create a unique piece of furniture, that reflects your own personality and lifestyle. Mix & match fabrics and sizes, and click-in additional Modules and Sides to create your signature Sofa.

A daybed to curl up and read a book on, a nap-time worthy Sofa, or your Large lounge set that the whole family enjoys - our Sofa Modules instantly make you feel at home. Hate building up furniture? Us too. That’s why we designed Sofa to avoid frustration in every way. Building it up is super easy and effortless, as every part fits together in just a few clips and clicks. No need for any tools, screws, yelling, crying, months of staring at unpacked boxes, the usual furniture setup woos. It’s absolute comfort, in just a few simple steps.

Don't worry, we know that with time life happens, we grow or sometimes we just feel that it’s time to change things up again. So, we’ve designed our Sofa Modules so that you can easily add on or change arrangement or reinvent your look with our top-quality Covers that come in a variety of fabrics and colours.

Our trendy Retro Cord Velours Covers are designed with real life in mind - super easy to change, machine washable and are of long-lasting quality. Snuggle up with the ultra soft, oh so cool, Retro Cord Velours available in a variety of timeless tones and that stays soft, wash after wash.



    • Incredibly Comfortable, One-of-a-Kind Modular Sofa
    • Small Size: L231 x W115.5 x H60 cm, Each seat is a comfy 84 x 84 x 30 cm
    • One-of-a-Kind, Durable & Long-lasting, High-Quality Cord Velours Textiles
    • Material: EPP Sofa Foundation Form, 80% Polyester / 20% Cotton Backing
    • Machine Washable, Changeable Covers
    • Handmade, Ethically Produced & 100% Vegan