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Patio Essentials: Outdoor furniture must-haves - Creative Living

Patio Essentials: Outdoor furniture must-haves

With winter in full swing, the very last thing on our minds is being out in the cold. But do not let that discourage you from setting up your outdoor living spaces. With a few essentials, you can turn your patio into the ultimate outdoor living area. Ready to welcome and entertain guests and family alike.

Here are some of the top patio essentials needed to set up your space:

Seating is the number one essential part of an inviting patio. Without sufficient seating area, the chances of your outdoor areas being occupied drop significantly. Providing ample space to sit back and relax will make the area more appealing.

Taking your space into account, making use of multiple sofas in a block formation creates structure and would be an ideal place to entertain. Outdoor sofas are available in a number of sizes and sets with countless style options. This makes them suitable for any outdoor area. If lounging in the sun is more your style, we suggest a luxurious daybed.

If you are working with a limited space, opt for cozy conversation areas using side tables and single chairs.

Having a designated outdoor dining area will be a perfect addition for those who enjoy hosting often. Dining outdoors is a terrific way to entertain guests or spend time with family.

Outdoor dining sets are practical for those who have larger outdoor areas and often host parties and gatherings. Should you have a smaller space, but still enjoy the outdoors for a meal under the stars, bistro sets are an excellent choice. 

Amalfi 6-seater Dining Set White Amalfi 6-seater Dining Set White


Lighting is another particularly important feature in any space, be it indoors our outdoors. The right lighting will set the ambience of your outdoor living area once the sun goes down. Choose wisely for not only the ambience but for safety too. This aspect can be overlooked with all the excitement around aesthetic. 

The are countless options for good outdoor lighting and the amount of sustainable solar options are plentiful.

Creating a shady space is an easy way to make your patio area more pleasant during those hot summer months. Setting up this space can be as easy as putting up a parasol or installing a sun sail. Either way it is best to have some source of shade.


As beautiful as this space maybe with all the impressive furniture you now have, the added extras will add that little ‘something’ to the style.  Accessories will pull the entire space together. Placing pot plants adds more greenery which will enrich the patio and give it a natural look-and-feel. By adding in scatter-cushions for comfort, you again increase the cosiness making it a desirable area to relax and enjoy.  

At Creative Living, we offer a variety of outdoor furniture and accessories ideal for patios of any size. Have a look at all our gorgeous products and follow your dreams to start arranging your patio today! 

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