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Outdoor Luxury Daybeds

Outdoor Luxury Daybeds

Picture this. It is a beautiful sunny day outside and you are relaxing in your outdoor area with an ice cold drink in hand. What could possibly sound better than that? The only missing piece to this heavenly picture is a daybed. Outdoor daybeds are a wonderful way to add that needed luxury to your garden area and there is nothing more enjoyable than having an outdoor daybed to relax on while you are catching some sun. Have a look below at the stylish and practical outdoor daybeds offered by Creative Living and transform your outdoor area into an ideal escape.


Carmen Round Daybed

This daybed comes in stylish light grey colour and is ideal option for some relaxing time for you and your partner. Perfect fit for two, this bed is both elegant and practical. The Carmen Round Daybed is made with a powder-coated aluminium frame. The finish is handmade from 100% recycled Synthetic Wicker. The fabric used for cushions is water resistant and the covers are easily removable for your washing needs. This daybed is practical and great investment, it’s durable, easy to maintain and is UV and water resistant. This daybed is definitely one of a kind and wonderful addition to your private outdoor area. 

Outdoor Luxury Daybeds - Carmen

Jackson Daybed

Different to the round shaped Carmen Round Daybed, the Jackson Daybed consists of two large beds next to each other. Similarly it is fantastic option for you and your loved one. This daybed can be used in two ways, as beds and as an outdoor couch, which makes it one of the most practical daybeds on offer at Creative Living. The Jackson comes in modern charcoal colour with cushion and pillows which are water resistant and washable. Similarly to the Carmen Round Daybed, the Creative Living manufacturers use a powder-coated aluminium frame with handmade 100% recycled synthetic wicker. A great investment and quality guarantee for this one! 

Outdoor Luxury Daybeds - Jackson

Lido Daybed

This daybed comes with curved bench, two curved ottomans and coffee table. If you feel like entertaining family and friends this is your perfect option. It’s spacious, practical and definitely will add a lot of fun to your summer parties. Look no further if you searching for the perfect addition to your summer entertainment area. Grey in colour with a wicker finish, you cannot go wrong purchasing this daybed. 

Outdoor Luxury Daybeds - Lido

Milan Daybed

The Milan Daybed is another option to consider when looking for daybed for two people. The Milan Daybed has it all; a sun canopy, comfortable cushions, of which the covers can be removed and washed, as well stylish synthetic wicker finish. This daybed is available in a light brown or grey colour and can be used in 3 different configurations which add to its practicality (see images below). As with all of the Creative Living daybeds, the Milan Daybed is made with a powder-coated aluminium frame and 100% recycled synthetic wicker.

Outdoor Luxury Daybeds - Milan

Palam Daybed

Also suitable for two people, the Palam Daybed consists of one bench, two ottomans and one clear glass coffee table. Enjoy relaxing on this daybed while you sipping on your favourite cocktail or spending early mornings reading a book with a cup of coffee. Practical and stylish, this daybed comes in a light grey colour with matching cushions and pillows. Similarly to previous daybeds, this daybed is made with a high quality powder-coated aluminium frame and synthetic wicker weave.  

Outdoor Luxury Daybeds - Palam

Teardrop Daybed

The Teardrop Daybed comes standard with one seat cushion, six big pillows and four small ones. This daybed is stylishly built in a teardrop shape which makes it rather unique. While protected from the sun this daybed can be enjoyed for lazy afternoon naps or reading a book. Its unique look will make you the envy of the neighbourhood. Made with a powder-coated aluminium frame and 100% recycled synthetic wicker, this daybed is another quality piece from Creative Living. 

Outdoor Luxury Daybeds - Teardrop


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