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Outdoor Décor – Scatter Cushions

Outdoor Décor – Scatter Cushions

When we talk about outdoor décor we often think of the bigger items. We think of tables, chairs, outdoor bars, the arrangement of the furniture, and so on. However, what really gives your space a more personal feel are the small touches and unique accessories you add. You could have the same furniture but create a totally different feel with your own personal taste in accessories.

Outdoor Accessories

Here at Creative Living we have a range of accessories for your outdoor space - from planters to outdoor lighting, rugs, and scatter cushions. We supply a stylish range of options to make your space entirely your own. This month we’d like to highlight our scatter cushion range.

Our scatter cushions come in a choice of fabrics. You can choose from soft cotton yarn, 100% cotton, poly cotton or 100% suede. All covers are easy to remove and perfect for your outdoor setting. Creative Living also offers a range of different patterns and colours which will add that special something to whichever theme you have chosen.

Scatter cushions offer themselves as focal pieces as well as making your space look comfortable and homey. We have the following on offer:

If you like a more neutral space, our Circle and Sand scatter cushions would be perfect. They both come in beige and cream colour schemes which perfectly suit a more earthy or neutral looking outdoor area. They are also perfect in that they match almost any colour of furniture. They can also be paired with our Orange or Stripe cushions for a pop of colour.

Coastal Feel

If a seaside theme is more your thing, then we have a range of five seaside themed scatter cushions in shades of soft blues and creams. All our seaside themed cushions are 45cm x 45cm and are 100% suede.

Beautiful Blooms

For those who would like to bring the feel of their garden right into their outdoor living space, we offer the Cascade, Cactus Garden, Orange, and Enchanted Meadow cushions. These range in size from 38cm x 38cm, 45cm x 45cm, and 50cm x 50cm. They also differ in fabric, with the option of soft cotton yarn and polly cotton.



Creative Living also offers a range of cushions which you can mix and match or use as statement pieces in your outdoor space. Our Hot Air Balloon cushion features an American flag themed hot air balloon and would suit a bold theme. Our Aviation cushion features a postage stamp themed print with a variety of planes and travel stamps. For anyone wanting an aviation or travel theme, this is perfect.



Our Hidden scatter cushion features a beautiful, enchanted print which features butterflies, pocket watches and a feeling of yesteryear. If your theme is delicate and vintage then this cushion is the perfect addition. It can also be perfectly paired with our Meadows print cushion.

Whatever theme you choose, we have the perfect scatter cushions – as pure decoration, to curl up with on a winter’s day, or to offer your guests comfort and ease. Browse our range now and add that special something to your patio or garden space.

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