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Decorate Outdoors

Decorate Outdoors

What’s your style?

The entrance to your home is the first thing a visitor sees. First impressions are very important so you should consider whether or not your front porch or entryway is doing what you want it to do. First, think about what feeling or vibe you want your entrance to convey. Do you want it formal? Country? Casual modern? Once you define the look you desire, the other variables are pretty much the same. What do I need? 

Decorate Outdoors

Showcase Natural Beauty of Plants

In the outdoor friendly months, homes already look exponentially better just because of the green grass, leafy trees and hopefully, some flowers. A lovely touch are window boxes – both outside windows and at entryways and garage areas. You can use them everywhere. They make a home look very polished and pretty. While you’re at it, pepper your garden with planters wherever possible. These details make your outdoor space pop!

Lighten Up!

Lighting can make or break an entryway, so make sure it’s the right outdoor lighting for your home. Outdoor lighting not only helps you find your keys during nighttime, but it evokes a warm, welcome feeling. Outdoor wall sconces are fabulous and stylish and perfect next to the front door. 

Lighten Up

Have a seat!

Garden benches are inviting. Porch swings are divine. Bistro sets are intimate and charming. There are so many options to add decor and seating to your outdoor space that fit every budget and style! Summer entertaining is even better when your guests can walk around your garden and find little areas to sit.

Details, Baby!

I am all about details. You can make hanging your garden hose pretty. You can make a citronella candle look lovely in the right container. You can do better than paper plates. It’s details that separate the fabulous homes from the “very nice” homes. There are tons of ways to add interest and details to your outside, and it is so easy!

Don’t forget sounds …

A fountain adds instant ambiance. A koi pond does, too. A wind chime on a lazy summer day is priceless. Adding sound features that are also relaxing is like a one-two punch for outside decor. Before you know it, we’ll be getting ready for holiday visitors. Make sure you enjoy these months to the fullest!

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