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Celebrate Festival



With the festive season well upon us, and in these strained economic times how do we even find the courage to celebrate, let alone the means.

One thing that we are lucky enough to have in South and Southern Africa is Summer at this time of year, which already boosts everyone’s spirits so that already eases some of the pressure. Find the small things that are often taken for granted or overlooked, find joy in the simple things that are around you. A bird tweeting, a child laughing, the hum of distant traffic, the melody of a song on the radio. Look a little deeper and find a reason to celebrate this festive season.

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Celebrate your family

Whether virtually or in-person should that be possible. Take time to enjoy each of your family members from the oldest to the youngest. Everyone is at a different place in their own individual lives and connecting with them will definitely raise their spirits and yours.

Celebrate your animals

Don’t forget the fur kids! Some extra time outdoors walking your dog, riding your horse, or lazing in the sun with your cat can do a world of good for both parties. If you don’t have pets take time to look at the birds, bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and all the other wondrous creatures that we share this amazing planet with.

celebrate your garden
Image by Pexels
Celebrate outdoors

Fresh air is good for the soul, there is no doubt about that! While we may not be able to be out on the beaches this summer, we definitely can visit the parks and green spaces around our communities. Kick a ball, pack a picnic, play bat and ball games if you enjoy them, or even just walk on the grass, lie in the shade of a tree, and look up at the clouds.

Celebrate your garden

Whether you have a large or small garden or even a patio with pot plants, this is a great time of year to trim back old leaves and branches, remove any weeds and tidy up the beds or pots. Upgrade plants from smaller pots into larger pots. Give some old pots a lick of paint, or a pot cover.

celebrate with outdoor rugs and outdoor cushions
Celebrate with Creative Living

Cost-effective accessories that can serve multiple uses are our top inspiration for this summer.

Outdoor rugs
Can be used as picnic blankets and even beach blankets when we are allowed to venture back to the beaches.

Outdoor Scatter Cushions
Can be used for more comfortable seating when picnicking or spending time outdoors.

These times do call for creative ways to save and alternative ways to celebrate. From our family to yours, we wish you all a very merry festive season.

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