Vertical Gardening

Gardening is a great hobby and is becoming increasingly popular as the world focusses on green initiatives and methods of self-sustainment. However, with populations growing and living spaces becoming smaller, gardens are often a luxury that many cannot afford; this is why vertical gardening is fast becoming the new way to add some lush green into your living space.


Vertical gardening is just one of the developments in the innovative urban gardening movement which includes rooftop farms, balcony herb gardens and “junglefied” walls in cities. It helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the space in which it is placed and benefits all of us with better air quality. Placing a vertical garden on an exterior wall also helps reduce heat absorption and therefor energy consumption in terms of replacing air-conditioning and fans. Vertical gardening techniques can even be used for farming, improving air circulation and therefor lowering the risk of pests and disease whilst producing healthier plants all round. Vertical farming also allows people in small apartments to grow their own fresh produce.


Vertical gardening is just like normal gardening, except it is more compact and makes fertilizing, watering, pruning and harvesting far more convenient. Making your own vertical garden is an easy DIY project and there are options available to suit almost any space and style. Take a look at some of the great ideas we found online:


Hanging Garden
Using some very simple clay pots and creativity can lead to a beautiful display. Ideal for balconies and apartments who have very little space.



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Picture Frame
A great way to create an interest piece which can be placed indoors or outdoors – Your very own living framed art.



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Stand Alone Wall
These are great for any space as they are completely stand alone and super easy to DIY. There are many ways to create, such as the wire and plants pictured below. One could also use a trellis design.



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Gutter Garden
Using PVC (gutter) pipes cut in half is a great way to grow a vertical garden. The pipes can be hung up like the clay pots design or can be used in a hydroponics system.



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Vertical Garden Pockets
Made up of breathable, and often recycled, material, pocket planters are a fantastic way to grow a vertical garden.


gardening pockets

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gardening pockets indoors

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Here at Creative Living we offer a 3 and 6 pocket planter in an earthy brown, strong geotextile fabric. Our vertical garden pockets have a moisture liner to simultaneously keep potting mix moist and protect your walls. The eyelets are reinforced with webbing for securing to walls, they are easy to install and can be mixed and matched to create your very own garden design. These vertical garden pockets are suitable for growing smaller plants which would easily grow in containers, such as herbs, small fruits, hanging plants, etc. Each pocket takes about 1 litre of soil which should be made up of a good quality potting mix and an agent that helps with water absorption.


If you’d like to try your hand at creating your very own, beautiful vertical garden, then our vertical garden pockets are the perfect place to start. Click here for more info.