Time to Get Egg-cited – Easter is Here!

With Easter around the corner, Autumn is hot on its heels! During this time of year, it’s important to make the most of every glorious sunny day. While the gift of Autumn is slightly cooler weather that brings some relief to the sweltering heat of summer, it stills remains warm enough to host the perfect outdoor event and perhaps establish some new Easter family traditions for one of the oldest holidays in the world. What better way to enjoy this magical time of year than with some fantastic family moments…

Autumn is the perfect time of year to brighten up the garden with some pansies and snapdragon seedlings. In addition, this hibernating season is the opportune time to plant your winter-flowering bulbs. Get the children involved in planting an Easter garden by getting them to dig the holes and carefully place the plants in the ground. A little bit of planning will ensure that the colours of summer continue throughout the grey months of winter.

Why not use your gorgeous new garden as a backdrop to snap a family picture? You’re more than likely to be all dressed up in your Sunday best at some point over the long Easter weekend so grab your selfie stick and say cheese! Try to take your family’s picture in the same location every year.  Like a time-capsule, you will be able to look back at the wonderful keepsakes that show just how much your family (and garden) has grown.


A sunny Autumn day also sets an ideal atmosphere for having Easter brunch with family and friends. Meals are one of those Easter traditions that encourage people to spend time around a table with those they love.  It’s a wonderful excuse to enjoy scrumptious food in a gorgeous outdoor setting!

Planning and preparing for Easter meals can be a stressful time for moms, so why not alleviate the pressure and get the whole family involved. Including children in the planning and preparation of Easter affords them the opportunity to make awesome memories. This not only helps them to feel connected as a family, but also adds to the anticipation of the day. Let them play a part in decorating by creating homemade bunny bunting that can be hung over a doorway or festive table. They can also transform the old age art of egg decoration by creating excellent emoji eggs using food colouring and khoki pens.


Delegation is the key to a simple, stress free event.  Partners can light the fire and cook part of the meal whilst friends and family members love to bring along side dishes to contribute to the festivities. As for dessert, well you can’t really have an Easter celebration without an Easter egg hunt, now can you? The Easter egg hunt can be notoriously competitive, with younger children often coming off second best.  To avoid this why not assign points to various eggs, 1 point for red eggs, 3 points for blue eggs, 6 points for bunny shaped eggs etc. This gives even the younger hunters a way to beat a more experienced Easter participant.

Whatever you chose as your Easter traditions, be encourage that your legacy will live on through your children. Making the most of this glorious time of year celebrating with those you love most will create memories that will last a lifetime!