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Stars & Moon Garden BBQ Fireplace

Original price R 2,890.00 - Original price R 2,890.00
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R 2,890.00
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The fire in this easily portable fireplace will serve well as a stylish source of light and heat in your garden, on the terrace or on the lawn. However, you can also use the Stars & Moon garden fireplace for classic toasting or, for example, in conjunction with a grill or tripod for a classic barbecue or cooking in a cauldron.

The Stars & Moon garden fireplace is made of painted stainless steel and complemented by a decorative perforation of stars and moons, which conjure beautiful effects. The hem around the hearth ensures safer transmission. The package also includes a corner for easy handling of wood and fireplace. Spark protection is provided by a protective net and a hatch.



  • The pan is not stainless
  • Overall Dimensions: 82 x 82 x 60 cm
  • Basket Diameter: 60 cm
  • Material: Thick-Walled Steel